Did You Get Your Partiko Points?

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Hello Partiko lovers!

We are happy to announce that all the Partiko Point Bonuses for Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1 has all been sent out!

Please check your Partiko app to see if you have received them as expected! Partiko delegators that are tier 3 and above in this sheet should receive them!

For tier 7+ delegators (who delegated more than 1000 SP in round 1), we are rewarding them Partiko Points based on their delegation amount! For example, @sirknight delegated 1500.186 SP in round 1, so we are rewarding him 15001 Partiko Points.

What Can I Do with the Points?

Three things:

  • You can hold them and speculate on their value once SMT came out
  • You can exchange them for upvotes from Partiko (when you make a post using Partiko)
  • You can use them in the Partiko ecosystem (e.g. sending Partiko Messages to people who are not following you, more usages to come)

Download Partiko and Try it Out!

Partiko has become one of the most popular interfaces for the Steem blockchain, it does not take cuts on your earnings, and you can earn Partiko Points and convert them into upvotes!

  • Download the Android version on the Google Play Store.
  • Directly download the Android package here. SHA 256 checksum: 32648472c43fe62e10ebeec7553fce4744eae914d1ed0015b895c2188d62daa0.
  • Download the iOS version of the App Store.

Vote @partiko for witness

Partiko is running a witness node to contribute to the Steem ecosystem. We would really appreciate your support if you could vote us for witness! Click on the link below to vote us for witness:

Vote for Partiko's witness node

Read this article if you want to vote for us but don't know how.

Follow us for future updates

You can stay connected with us and follow our future updates by:

Together, let’s change the world.

Onwards and upwards,
Partiko team

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Waiting for the next round haha

We will make announcements about round 2 wait list soon!

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Thank you! Huge fan of Partiko, I don't save words on promoting you :)
Nice work

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In the same boat as you !! I’m loving Partiko thus far :)

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Thank you so much for your love and support!

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My pleasure! Can’t wait for round 2 delegations to begin

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I did! I am wondering if I will get more upvotes if I delegate more in phase 2. Just wanted to know! Thanks

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I received the points. Thank you!
Will vote for you as witness later. Keep on with the great work.

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Yes got them thank you

Posted using Partiko Android

Got the points and you guys my witness vote👍🏻

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hello Partiko, thanks for the extra tokens, they are much appreciated. I have also voted for the witness since it only makes sense. I have my delegation and am glad for it.

Keep up the good work you are doing

The only thing I would like to ask is a vote for the witness I am part of called @swisswitness. I am the main promotor here on steem and we also have one person that just does al the tech stuff. I saw that you have only voted for 15 witnesses so far. If you find that in the future we do not deserve your vote then so be it but we would really appreciate it for the time being.
thanks in advance

here is the easy steemconnect link

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Got them! Awesome to be part of this community which has enhanced my experience on the Steem blockchain! Witness vote incoming! Thanks!

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Yes, I got mine. I didn't noticed it until after reading this post though. Thank you @partiko💯

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