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Plastic nowadays became more troublesome. It destroyed our eco system. This is one of the source of illness in this world. But why the plastic still existed? We all knew that there are many projects and proposals just to avoid the illegal usage of plastics. Many obey this projects but only for awhile. There are companies who stopped on using plastic but as time passed by they went back in using plastic materials again. Did it came to your mind why no one can't stop the usage of plastics? It came to me most of the time and I realized something fishy about it.

Past few days I went to Cebu for my enrollment in the school. When I go into a journey I always bring water . That's why I bought water in the store for php 15. It's just a small bottle of plastic and a small amount of water that's inside of it. When the bottle was empty I saw like an ATM machine but it is for refilling water. When I saw it I went into it and refilled the bottle. When the bottle was full I spent only 2 pesos. Imagine when I bought the bottled water it was worth of 15 pesos but when I refilled it I spent for just 2 pesos. That's why it came to my mind why plastic couldn't be stop in making it. The plastic made the big companies to became bigger. They earned more in making plastic, not what's inside of it. If you buy food within a plastic always remember that the plastic is more expensive than the food you eat. That's why in this world money is everything. They are fine in destroying the world as long as they will be richer. They never think the future to come. Human is greedy and selfish, they don't care for others.

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We need less waste, more recycling and more biodegrable plastics.

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