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Hello lovely Steemians!!
In my last post I talked about bad experiences becoming the driving force for every thought, deed and word made in our lives. Today, I'll be moving on to another unhealthy motive I feel we should be aware of and that would be that of TRYING TO PROVE THE WRONG POINT.

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The point is, what ever drives or motivates you pulls away valuable energy and time! So wouldn't it be wise if you keep track of things that drain your energy and time to ensure you don't loose at the end?
We humans always wish we could be right all the time; hence on so many occasions we do things, go extra miles just to prove we are right and honestly, in too many situations, this is absolutely UNNECESSARY!
We need to learn to embrace the fact that people have different opinions and approaches to various matters; so the fact that the other party doesn't agree with you or believe in you doesn't mean you must suspend important projects and dreams just to reach the end of the earth to prove that point! You don't have to drop you dreams because someone said you can't make it. PROVE THE RIGHT POINT.
Live with your opinion and let others live with theirs; change things where you can (either about your own opinion or that of the other party) but don't waste and I repeat waste your time and energy trying to prove a point especially in situations when the other party won't appreciate the effort. Don't give up on your Dreams. Prove the right point by reviewing and reexamining your strategies over and over again just so you can get the right results .

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The difference between proving the wrong point and proving the right point is in the lifespan of satisfaction you derive at the end.
When you dedicate time and energy into doing the meaningful things, you realize that the good results you get refuel your motivation and make you do more; the fire keeps burning
But when you give so much into the wrong challenge, the satisfaction you gain is short-lived and you find yourself empty again and this could start a whole cascade of depression.
Remember, people will always talk and bad stuff will be said. Just TRUST GOD, take all of these and make them your stepping stone! Step on top of it all. Don't stay beneath! Review and reexamine your techniques and strategies, close all loopholes and then try again. Your ENDLESS satisfaction and success should be your best come back.

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Thanks for reading my post.
Please upvote, comment and resteem.
Love you loads.
I'm taking this time to appreciate people on this platform who have inspired me with their posts and comments coz I'm new here... So here they are:
@chbartist @rynow @blessedgirl @darlenys01 @coolguy222 @Juanmanuellopez1 @certain @wems @praditya @atglingz @midgeteg @vickykarma @lexymaine @brightsun @sanjoea.
I really 💟 you guys and thanks for being an inspiration to me.

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Really glad you were inspired. Keep on writing. And in case you like to write fiction and stories, check out @mariannewest and @freewritehouse. Lots of contest to participate in to get you going on here. Have a nice time.

Ayee im up there! Hey man im glad I was able to motivate you in someway! Ill continue to check on your channel and post :)

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