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Hello everyone,

Why is Steem Monsters not on the IOS App Store ? Partiko is on it and other Dapps built on the Steemit blockchain .
Over it years I have seen the growth of mobile phones from not invented to barely used to more phones then people in the country. A big part of this has been the game apps. I feel that the ease of access (EOA) due to this being a device you can use anywhere, anytime. And good marketing by game companies moving their marketing to include adults and not just kids has created a global success.
I feel getting steemmonsters on the IOS app store would be a massive boost to Steemit. People would be playing games on the Steemit blockchain without even realising. Anyways just my thoughts on how to build up @Steemmonsters and @Steemit .

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That's because it's only 5% finished. It's got a long way to go.
But I agree, I do want to play this as an app.


I’m aware it is still in beta. But most of the games I’ve played on the App Store are in beta. Most people playing them are understanding of the fact they are still in construction and play them anyways. This from what I can see is getting them more money in the form of micro payments to help them build the game . Steem monsters is a playable game and would benefit from being put on the App Store I believe. But that’s just my opinion I guess.

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I get it. I can also see the benefit of it being in app form. I really need a tablet of some sort to play it on the go.

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