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RE: Will Partiko be what Steemit should have been?

I think steemit is dead. dead dead dead. So many people got turned away 8 months ago when people came to see what it was all about. They couldn't understand the platform and so so so many couldn't even get signed up. I was promoting it like crazy on my youtube and facebook platforms and way too many people said the sign up process was impossible.

YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION. Steemit lost out. If another platform comes up and uses the steem blockchain, it could work.

PEOPLE are STARVED for an alternative to youtube/facebook/twitter. They HATE the censorship and desperately want an alternative. Also, it was disgusting how @ned thumbed his nose to the many conservative users getting censored at youtube/facebook/twitter. They left, I left....and unless a major upgrade gets rolled out, I won't be back.

Now, were to put all my steem??? Partiko?