The Charms of March #4

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It seemed that three weeks have gone by in a blink. My mission of showing you a photo of our Bulgarian traditional charms called martenitsi was 4/24ths successful.

While seemingly random, I will take this as a good measurement of completion of not top priority task. I run quite a few of those on Steem.

Maybe it's a signed that I need about six or five times less of those tasks. Or meet them somewhere in between the current done and to do.

Yup, I took my martenitsi off today and now a blooming tree has them. Yup, I took some extra footage. I will show it soon.

Meanwhile, here's a modern one smiling at us ;)



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Ohhhhh .... what a HAPPY photo.

It's perfectly fun and I love it. It makes me want to tie fun things in trees.


Go for it! Also, Thanks!

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Maybe I wil !! :)