Goodbye, Lozenets

in partiko •  29 days ago

Time flies, you know that? Sure you do. I know it, too, but still surprised when a period ends at how soon it seems to do that.

I expect to go to another living place within a week or two. And I still haven't taken advantage, in a Photography sense, of course, of this cool water tower just a couple of streets away from my present one. I moves here as if yesterday.

At the same time, it has been all through my Steem experience. Leaving the home of my Steembirth.

I will miss a few things. Outside the house, but very close by. It seemed I would have an eternity to be around those, but of course it is never the case.

Carpe Diem, punks!


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So sad... But it's for the best?


Yeah, you always lose some, gain some when changes happen. I believe I gain more.


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That looks like a building that only exists in movies. It must be kinda awesome to be close to it.

It is sad to leave, but that also means you're going to meet a new place and people :).


I'll be showing the new place soon, I hope :)

Moving on is such a bitter sweet thing :) I hope you will have a smooth moving process and that the new place will be awesome !

That is a great water tower :O The growth on its sides are amazing and it reminds me of the story of Rapunzel ! :D


By the way, it's an art gallery now.

I agree about change. How else are we supposed to grow?


Keep calm and eat a lot?