RIP Kobe Bryant.

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I red few minutes ago about the death of Kobe Bryant caused by an elicopter crash, him and 3 more people. 41 years old, 4 daughters. A legend of NBA, a beautiful person and supporter like me of A.C Milan. So sorry for the family. Rest in peace.

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I red now about one of his daughter also was in the helicopter. No words, just sadness.

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What was Kobe up to?

He was accompany his daughter to a basketball training with another friend of her and one parent of her plus other people. 9 people, all dead in the crush. Some fog and the pilot touched something in the air with the elic and all gone down.

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But it was a special helicopter. Not a normal helicopter. Do you understand that? Kobe didn't have a cheap helicopter. Kobe had a military grade helicopter with autopilot software. It is very hard to accidentally crash it. Therefore, it can't be an accident or it is very difficult for it to be just a mistake.