KrazzyTrukkin 3-4-19

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Life on the Road

Tonight finds us sitting in Florence SC. Waiting for the loading dock to open up. The Food Lion delivery truck is running late and unloading now. So my 7pm bump of the dock has been pushed back until that truck is unloaded.

Layin here in the bunk with Samantha on my right.....

Lil Jessica on my left.....

These 2 are layin here and it is not cuz they are hungry. They must like me...?

Cats and Ice Cream

Probably the ice cream i shared with them earlier.?

I was walking out of the truck stop earlier, where I had just stopped for a shower. There is a Dairy Queen at this stop. The lady there asked me if i wanted free ice cream...... I replied, "heck yea...!"

They must have been working on the machine and had several vanilla sundea bowls sitting there. No toppings, just ice cream.

I let Jess & Sammi Jo both have a few minutes to lap away at it. I do not let them have it very often and always a very small amount.

I hear that truck pulling out. Time to back in.

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Spoiled kitties! MEOW! :)

To bad they couldn't spell you driving. They have the sleeping part down pat.


Sammi tries, but I am not sure how She would do on the serpentine backing part of the test......

Here She is helpin out a little.

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Awww! Lil Jess looks like a real sweetheart. How did the kitties like passing through Arkansas? Didn't you pass through Little Rock not too long ago?


She is the Coolest Lil Kitty. And a Talker. Never seen a Cat that will talk to you. We carry on full blown conversations.

We been thru Little Rock a few times already this year.

Just seen a Meteor in the sky NE of Florence, SC. About 8:30pm (est) So I am off to DuckDuckGo to search and see if anyone else seen it. Large greenish blue trail with pieces breaking off. Not just the normal shooting star type.

Jessi says Hey to @hippie-witha-gun

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LMAO HA HA! What a sweet kitty! And what a nice suit she is wearing too. Love her Tux :-).

We have a few cats that are talkers. Our main talker is big fat fluffy Oscar. He's been vocal since he was a kitten. His twin brother Owen is more shy and coy but will sometimes let out a peep. The girls, Stella and Freya will sometimes talk. Then there is Zeus except Zeus mostly whines till he gets attention. He will meow at the bedroom door till one of us lets him out. If we let him out of the bedroom he will whine while rolling around on the floor trying to be cute till you pick him up or give him a treat.

What is really fun is opening the bedroom door peaking my head in to find all of the kitties relaxed on the bed in a cuddle puddle chattering at me if I just stand there in the doorway.

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