Caturday in Orlando FL

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My Hooman. He is so Cool. He takes us to the Crazziest places tho.

Me & Jess are a little freaked out 2 day. At 5am Our "Transporter" pulled up to the Amway Event Center Arena here in Orlando. Home of the NBA Magic basketball team.

He backed right inside of the building like He owned the place..... MOL (meow out loud)

My lil ears are working overtime. So many strange noises in here. It is a giant garage with load docks. [email protected]@k at this... GIANT GARAGE DOOR

All the sounds echo. Poor Little Jess..!! She let out a SQUALL earlier and dove under the covers on the bunk.

And now they are having a "Sound Check.?" They are having a concert here furr some Lionel Richey guy. Is He a Lion..?

I got a feeling things are gonna get LOUD Here this evening...?

But how COOL is it that we get to stay inside this garage and load back up late tonight to take this AVL (audio visual light)show equipment back to the whrs. In Jacksonville FL 2 maro.

Now if we could just get him to go haul a load for our Fave Band.

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What an adventure! I love the HISS t-shirt. Where can you buy their CD's? Enjoy your time in Florida! Make sure to wear sunglasses outside during the day; you don't want to ruin your vision with all the sunshine! MEOW!!

I'm happy to see you can find some time to post, even if you're very busy. Keep it going! There are far too little interesting cats on Steemit (and of course, Hoomans too)

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You truck around with your cats? That is really cool. Always having company on the road. Keep trucking!

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SammiJo, 8+ yrs on the road, 800,000+ miles under Her paws. Jessi Tux, 2+, 150,000+.

They seem to like it, as they have been trucking since kittenhood.

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Totally LOVE the HISS T-shirt... solid gold awesomeness there!

Have a great Caturday, out there in the great wide world!


What's one more hissy fit .. Do they make ear muffs for cats?

Right Next to the Kitty instruments. Aisle 5 at PetSmart.

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Howdy sir krazzytrukker! haha! Favorite band HISS! lol. that's great. Ok so NOW is see where you are and what's going on. Are you on other social media platforms? Steemit is made for you, just wait till you get more traction.
Hey you don't have to stay there for long do you? I assume something is happening there at the stadium tonight?

Lionel Ritchey, your Favorite right.....?

We laoded out at 3 am. Now back in Jax FL unloading same place as picked up. Round trip Roady Style.

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howdy today sir krazzytrukker! yes Lionel Richie had some tremendous songs back in the day.
But what do you mean a round trip? Oh, you picked up stuff at the place you unloaded, they loaded you back up? that's a good deal right?

ps- sir krazzytrukker, I keep forgetting to ask you about this because I thought of you when I was putting the redneck vehicles post together because I figured you've seen some of the wildest vehicles in the world out on the roads right? lol.