Ancient Intelligence 2500 Years Ago

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I’ve very recently read about this: ancient intelligence has it that 2500 years ago, all and every human lived on earth in 3 worlds at the same time.

The 3 worlds were:

The World of Thought

The World of Feeling

The World of Emotion

For hours after I read this, I was having trouble grasping the true meaning of “feeling” and “emotion." Aren’t they talking about the same thing?

In a way, I guess there is a slight difference. Feeling might be more on the physical side, and emotion is more on the chemical side. I’ll need more time to get this to sink in.

The major message out of this is:

The marriage of these worlds into a single potent force can give us power to move mountains.

So this is one of the ways to look at Law of Attraction. A different angle that may too be an easier way to look at this unique law for a more direct understanding.

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