Revolutionary Brave Browser App Secures 20 Million Downloads

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CCN, citing information from AppBrain, reported that the Brave Browser app for android- which rewards both users and publishers with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)- has proven to be hugely popular, garnering 20 million downloads to date.

According to CCN, the privacy focussed web browser blocks advertisements and eliminates user activity and location tracking.

Users are rewarded with the cryptocurrency BAT when they opt-in to view advertisements, and verified publishers are awarded BAT in the form of tips by users who visit their website.

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This is truly amazing! Just the Android app racking up these kind of download numbers is incredible! I wonder how many times total Brave has been downloaded, including the iOS, Android, and desktop browser versions? If those numbers hold true, even marginally for the other platforms, Brave could easily be well over 50 million downloads now. And I'd be surprised if the Android app had been downloaded more than the desktop browser had been, which means my estimate of 50 million could be quite low!

Brave truly is the best browser I've used and I can't wait to see how its growth increases as they bring on-line new features.