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in partiko •  11 days ago  (edited)

On a professional level, 2019 has been great. Here is the trailer for season two of Liza on Demand. See if you can spot me!

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Nice beard.

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

I do what I can. Funny story, they put similar beards on a few other day players. Mine is real, but theirs cost $300 each from the make-up department

Dude. Two words. Cha ching.

Side gig. You could donate hair, like blood, and make bank.

I would like to. The most I've ever made from shaving my beard is $20,000. I was in a commercial as a customer in a barber shop. They shaved my beard onscreen.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I lived in a place that had the same kind of opportunities. I'd be so good at getting my beard shaved off.

I live in the middle of nowhere these days. I know more birds than people.

It'd be nice to see my birds in my daily life.

Er, more birds