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Christmas and New Year's Potluck Gathering Party

It's been a busy and tiring week for me. Was totally out of energy for the past few days. 😂
So last Saturday i had a Christmas and New Year's potluck gathering party at my friend's house.

We decided to have a gift exchange session too.

First of all i arrived at my friend's house there were so many people that i don't know.
Kinda awkward for me cause I'm a shy person. 😅
But then after awhile, i started to feel more comfortable already.

Our exchanged gift section.

The food section. Try guessing which is mine? 😋

Fruits and dessert section.

Hahahaha.. Spotted that person underneath being squashed by the kids.
That's my bestie. 😂
She is always surround by kids.
Those kids just loves her.

So now it's our turn to squashed her in the middle. 🤣
I called this a hamburger welfie. Hahaha!

The ladiess..

Yummy dinner. ❤️

This is just so cute. 😍

Gift exchange session.

Kids first then only the adults. All of them are so excited to open their presents.

Was served with macaroon for supper. So yummy. 🤤

"Lami" time.. Hahaha.
This is the "Lami" gang.

And this is the "nothing better to do" gang. 😂
So we all keep taking some pictures and continue chit chatting.

Okay.. This is me trying to be a fashionista.
When Chinese lanterns can become a fashion earings too. 😝

So this is what i got from the gift exchange.

Healthy drink.

Overall, i did enjoyed myself very much that night.
It's good to gather and met some new friends sometimes.
And everyone loves the papaya pickle that i made.
Surprisingly most of them asked me if i make again, please let them know cause they want to buy it from me. 😍
Now I'm creating another new business perhaps? 🤔😝

Hoping for more gatherings to come.


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