Future of steem..... my personal view

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Hi everyone!

For the first let me tell you i am not yet one year here on steem. So maybe something i dont see clear but of course i have learned a lot since i am here.

In the past few weeks i saw a lot of posts about different opinions about the future of steem. Some people are positive some are negative.

I see that many projects they are trying hard to onboard new people and i am really happy for that.
More accounts more SP invested is better for us.


As far as i know there is already around 1.2 million registered user.
From that around 40k is active.

Than lets think. How these users came here and why they left? Maybe the new accounts will leave also in the future after few weeks?

When i met steemit and steem, one blogger girl she recomended it to me that if i like writing or arts than here i can earn also.

In the first 1-2months i was lost as usually all of us when we start something new.
I saw and until now i see the trending posts that they "earn" huge amount of dollars.
But now i know how is it works😁

So even we have new accounts lets be honest most of them they even write or make a good content they will not get more than few cents.

Because most of us ( not all of us but many of us ) are focusing on they own account. We sell our votes to earn some extra income and we dont search for good contents because almost all of us are here for earn some extra money.

So i have doubts.

Than i saw also that some people talk about to make steem investor friendly.


To be honest yes that is a good idea but i dont think so that right now steem can be a good invest for big investors.
They power up and they sell they votes?
Or yes they can support some dapps that can be, but the really big investors i dont think so that they are interested in dapps.
Ok maybe i am mistake.

But i think we should make steemit and all the dapps built on steem to be begginer friendly.

Let me ask a question. Dont you think more people will stay here and work on they blogs and maybe later invest also if they first experience is positive? If they are good than yeah they should get votes.

But how? Even if i check the trending where we can see some good content also they are boosted by bots.

I am really curious what if there are no bots😂
Dont misunderstand me i am not against the bidbots but i think even some big accounts will be in trouble without them. So how we want more people to join??

I know there is a lot of spammers who also are here and makeing account than sell them on fb. or they make a nonsense contente and they boost it so with minimum work they earn some amount. I dont know what to do with them because even the flag system is not 100% effective.

So i wanna open the eyes of few people that yes steem and steemit can be adopted by the mass but we have to do something to support the new accounts more.

The best advertisement is always if your friend or family mamber ask you because he wanna be part of that what you are doing. Not the recomandation. If you recomend it can sounds like you try to sell a product same like in MLM.

But when they see what you do and they see that it worth. They will ask you how you make it? And they wanna be a part of that for sure.
So to onboard people is important but more important to keep them.

I see many accounts are from 3. world countries. They earn few SBD and straight they withdraw.
Because they dont know that it can worth more in long run to keep and power up.

So i am waiting the comments and hope if i am right than many people will start to think about the solution.

By the way for the last before i finish my post i am sure that some dapps will bring here more users and thats why if i can i support always some project even i dont have much SP now, but i do.

And i have a really positive thoughts about the future of our community but we have to focus on some details more, than keep aftering how to make steem to the moon😉

Thank you for reading my post😊 and have a lovely day😉

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So you are here almost eight (8) month, and you care much about future of steem.
But you do not care enough to rotate 90 deg your picture, which you put on your blog's front end?
Or you do not know how to do it? (rotate)
Or you believe all is as it should be, perfect, just like it is now?
I just trying to understand which is the case.
Or I'm missing something?


"Or I'm missing something?"
Yes, completely. The main thing. The truth in the author's blog post.
I am on Steemit since more than a year (almost since two years) (since 2017.05.17), and I think that the author of the blog post writes the truth, and that truth hurts you.
Probably that is why you start talking about totally irrelevant things, for example the rotation of the author's profile picture. The age of his account is also irrelevant, he can still see and mention the truth.


...I am on Steemit since more than a year (almost since two years) (since 2017.05.17)...

...and that truth hurts you.

NO. Not at all.


Mr. onealfa. May i ask you please if you dont give any vallue to my post even with your commets to please move on.
I really try to be nice even your attitude is quiet "bad"
You are useing this platform to earn we use it to add vallue.

And the truth what he was talking about is the truth what i wrote in my post.

If you have problems with understanding the english language than you can use your native language as i saw under your posts with your friends.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a nice day😉

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....you dont give any vallue to my post...

I have never said this.

... please move on.



Thanks mate for your support. Thats why i also replied that there is nobody who force him to read it.
Like me if i dont like some content i move on.
I think once i left a comment for somebody when he boosted his one picture until 200$ and i just recomend him to dont do that because there are many dolphins orcas and whales they dont like this kind of boost.

So i really dont understand the behaviour of the gentleman.

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Is it important how is my picture on my profile? Is it the most important?
When i join steemit i didnt know how to make it and since that time i dont mind.
There is thousands of accounts without picture. Even i dont know of your picture is real or not because that is also popular to use fake pictures as a profile pic.

What i try to share that somerhing is wrong and it would be also wrong in the future.

While everyone is focusing how to get more steem users they forgot that yes we need them but we also have to keep them in the future.

And it will doesnt happen if we are selfish if we just focus on our own account. One day we will woke up and there will be maybe 1k active accounts and it means the big fish will die without the small fish.

So i just shared my thoughts and i am curious what others think. ( not about my profile picture )

I personaly introduce steemit for many peoples. Also after 2 weeks i will go to introduce it for a non profit organization where they have a lot of talented teenagers who wanna try it.
So yes i do care of the future of steem.

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Even i dont know of your picture is real or not

Everyone who will browse my blog will find many more real photos of myself. Even some videos.

...that is also popular to use fake pictures as a profile pic.

So it is on your profile. I think this is a FAKE photo.
Or maybe you will state that this child in the photo is your own pic many many years ago ?

So i just shared my thoughts

So did I.



Mr. onealfa. That on the picture was my dougthter if you are interested.
Now just for you i also put a different profile picture. By the way i also have a post where i am on the picture.

I really dont understand you. I was makeing a post about the serious topic and you talk about my profile pic.

Better if you know also that if there will be no users or no new users than your stock of steem will also drop in the price.
To have a good currency we need more people. And many posts are about this topic. They think that the dapps will bring more users. And i hope also.

But the issue is that if we have new users we need also to keep them.

I saw a many good content creators who dont get more than 10 cents on they posts. Than they will leave.

Do you know about the domino effect?
One user leave than another than another than you will stay here with few other whales and your stock will not worth nothing.
Hope this will dont happen but we have to think about this seriously. Simple marketing. I am not a crypto expert but i am good in marketing😉

So i am happy to hear your opinion about this topic. But i didnt force you to read my post.

If i read a post and i dont agree i leave. if i see a post and i think it worth i gave a vote and a comment with my opinion.

Hope you understand me that your comment is quiet offensive and i try to manage it with best of my knowlege.

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No reasons I would have intentions to offend you.
(In fact - I agree with most of your statements regarding steem future.So I do NOT argue against them.)

I was only wondering why it is all that way what my eyes see, so I predicted 3 different cases
Now I have the answer.

Not that I blame you, you are free to do what you like.
But myself - I would never ever publish my daughter's picture in such an awkward shape.

So I got nothing more meaningful to ad here.

Issue closed.


Great contributions, we are all better for your "meaningful" input 😂 issue closed haha.. OK boss

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Just facing the truth! Your profile pics is not enough, your engaged its rotated in 90, and you are too young here, to own any serious toughts about platform! Anyone, i mean everyone, who are here since longer time, better and smarter than you! Go to the corner, and cry! Now!
:D :D

Nevetséges, hallod, ilyen arcok elérik a hetvenes szintet :D Még a végén majd engedélyt kell kérnünk, ha posztolni akarunk valamit :D :D


Dear @kriptonik, @gabbynhice

and you are too young here, to own any serious toughts about platform!

for moment i thought that you're guys being serious here lol :)

Cheers, Piotr


Lol :D Did you told this to the big guys too? :D :D


The best way if you start to enjoy the steem blockchain😊 So that is the hungarian style that we make joke about eveything😁

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He he he kocsog tucsok!😂😂😂
Hat ja minden postja fel van turbozva de szavazatot csak a pinaknak nyom meg gondolom a haveroknak.

Nem is tudom minek jott ide. Szavazni nem szavaz csak kotekszik. De ha durvulni kezd van egy fasza csoport nem tudom hallottal-e roluk. A steemfalgrevards vagy valami hasonlo. Ha valaki bejelent egy ilyet es a tag mondjuk pattogni kezd mert nagyobb akkor megrohamozzak a postjat es szana szet leszavazzak. Eleg sokan mivel aki leszavazza es kommentel az szavazatot kap erte😂

viccet felreteve egesz heten ezt olvasom hogy onboard meg stb.... de arra nem gondolnak hogy ezek az accok ugyan ugy le is lephetnek es az nem jo.

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Regards appreciated @gabbynhice

wow! Friend, I'm really speechless with the exchange of ideas that occurred in your comments.
I think that is not the way to use this space in our community.
Personally I think that with the comments you can give a great added value to each post.

I just wanted to tell you that the success in steemit is working in community. For this you must first interact.
How to do it?

  • Begin to drop valuable comments.
  • Appreciate the content of others and you will receive that same reward.
  • It provides valuable and innovative content.

I really regret that exchange that happened in your comments.
I believe that your approaches are very serious and close to the reality of steemit.

I wish you much success in your future.

All best, Piotr.


yeah sometimes it happen that some people are different.
Even i promote my post sad but didnt reach out many people.
So this is why i am really worry.

Because as i see just the business minded people are now here. Most of those who are talkative they left maybe the platform. So it is not easy to have a nice discussion about what i really want with this post😔

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Dear @gabbynhice

I appreciate your kind comment my dear friend

You're very responsive which is absolutely great and steemit community surely will benefit by having you here.

As you may already know, every weekend Im sending one memo with some recommendation to quality posts related to blockchain technology. I hope you don't mind receiving it.

I would always appreciate if you could show your support towards promoted authors (mostly by droping some valuable comment). But please don't ever feel pressured.

Im always only grateful to those who can support my efforts. But I fully understand that we all have our lifes and responsibilities outside steemit.

Also please keep in mind, that I'm always happy to help get some extra exposure to those who are the most supportive towards rest of our little crypto community here on Steemit. I can help you as well in the future :)



As i mentioned i think before, i am not an expert in the crypto topic but i am still learning and of course the crypto market some way is similar like other markets and in matketing example i have some experience😊
So when ever i see something that i am familiar with or i have a opinion than i am always happy to share it in a comment.

As i dont have much time so i try to focus just for steem😊 Because in steem i see the big potential if they can or if we can make the marketing part and it can be more popular for sure it can be a game changer.

I am sure also that after few weeks i will post about different kind of topics as soon as we will be at home😉

Also i decided to post often maybe daily a post from the steembottracker because that is disaster what is happening there.

But when ever you send me a note with posts i am happy to read them and give my support.
I think this is really nice also what you are doing for steem community.

Ps. I am just thinking how to make the steemit block chain more popular in central europe. When ever i ask my friends in Slovakia or Hungary they dont even heard about steem.
Also if you check most of the posts are related to crypto and arts ( photography )
I think we should atract more people with different kind of topic. Like sports or movies etc....

Sorry my comment is again too long😁
Just my mind is full of ideas always😁

Have a lovely day Piotr!😉

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