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in partiko •  5 months ago

Hey steemians,

Getting ready to head out for another lot of cards.

Budget - 100 USD.

Target - 200 USD in sales.

Likely projection - 300-500+

I believe we determine and influence our own destiny, but a little luck never hurt anyone, so here's to hoping my luck goes well today!

I'll be sure to update you all!

Much love,

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Cryptic... I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!


Silly me, lot as in cards, trading cards, like the ones I've been blogging about. Magic the Gathering.

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Oh wow, I thought that that might have been the case... You are able to do a decent trading in MtG cards? I didn't realise there was a sustainable market for that!


I don't know if it could be considered sustainable unless you have a very high volume of cards, but there is a very healthy market for them right now!

Currently, it's bringing in a little extra income for me, maybe a couple hundred dollars a month, and this helps me very much at the moment. I have been working hard to obtain more of them at bulk price.