Loosing followers...

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I noticed that there was a sudden change for me since about 2 weeks or so.

Before I got followers slowly and only rarely did people unsubscribe. Now whenever I post I make some new followers, but also everyday I lose a few.
My content or posting did not really cahnge much so I am a bit puzzled.

Anyone else noticing the same? What could be the reason? My current theory is that it is related to @steem-ua which appeared around the same time.

People know it is based on following relations and may try to up their score by unfollowing low UA accounts such as me and start following high UA people.

But this is a misconception. It is based on who follows you! Which you can't control yourself. Think again, if it would be based on who you follow it would be very bad exploitable metric!

My question, if you are also low UA do you notice the same change? And if you are high UA do you notice lots of new followers?


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My UA is now 2.9. Not sure if that is low or high but I don't notice any drop in followers

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mine is around 2.5. Given that there are around 60.000 real active accounts that is actually not that bad, but still not that high either.

It does seem like you should have more followers. You might want to try adjusting your curation strategy though since .01 solo upvotes don't count without @dustsweeper and I guess dustsweeper is only doing 2 votes a day per user.


Yes the dustvote issue is a problem. As a minnows you can't really do much against it. Not upvoting good comments also feels wrong. I heard HF20 will change these rules, which would be great.

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As I understand it, your authority comes from your followers and you give authority to those you follow.
If somebody who follows you follows somebody new, this slightly reduces the authority they give you.
Each person only has a finite amount of authority which is spread evenly amongst those they follow.
If you cull 90% of your authors the remaining 10% will each get 10x more authority from your follow.
There's a chance you've found yourself in that 90%.


I agree with your interpretation. It is possible that some people unfollow to control where they spread their UA. But the amount of ua you give to your followers does not depend on the number of your followers. By unfollowing you will not get more UA. If you unfollow people that follow you you will even have less, although that may be almost negligible.

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