Story of Farmers and Rambutans

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How wide is the garden and when we enter it there are so many fruit trees that always bear fruit in each season. A large green apple tree if fruiting will cling from the branches of the tree, as well as the fruit of the citrus will look yellow and orange tempting with sweet and sour taste.

Sweet red guava trees that come out of the water, and yellow fruit bananas that are sweet and sweet when we taste them. Jackfruit whose fruit is yellowish green and when we split it will come out a tempting scent with tender yellow flesh that is so sweet.

Especially when the durian season, the fruit is very fragrant fragrant until the whole garden feels the fragrance and when we enjoy the durian fruit which is also called the king, the famous fruit is very tasty. And there are many other fruit trees that grow in the garden, tasty avocado trees, delicious sapodilla trees and others.

The owner of the garden of the farmer is very fond of the orchard and always takes care of him diligently and diligently. But everything is also not smooth and perfect as we imagine, there are still things that block the heart of the farmer, "what is that?" For years the farmer had been waiting for the fruit to become a mess, apparently a rambutan tree that grew in the corner of his garden.

The wait was felt for a long time until the father of the farmer could not wait to wait, he took an ax ready to cut the rambutan tree that had never produced fruit. It is true that the rambutan tree never bear fruit or flower to produce many fruits, but each branch is filled with nesting birds nesting in the tree.

Among them are sparrow nesting places, canaries and other small birds that become rambutan trees as shelter. All the birds that live on the rambutan trees know that the farmer brings an ax to the rambutan tree simultaneously, they obstruct the farmer, saying, "Don't cut down this tree, because our family nest in the trees that will slash!" shouted sparrow. "Have mercy on you! My children are still small and live nesting in one of the branches!" exclaimed the canary, and said to him.

And other birds that often forage and take shelter on the tree ask the farmer not to cut the rambutan tree. But the farmer was already round with his goal, the ax in the right hand had swung against the rambutan tree "! three hits shook the rambutan tree hit by his sharp ax, something splashed down right on his right hand holding the ax. "It's still bad! Bird droppings, very brash," the peasant father disgusted seeing what was sticking in his hand. But when his nose curiously smelled of sticky objects stuck to the hand there was no smell of dung that smelled like there was a smell of honey that smelled of his nose.

And again something fell, now it's right on his head, but now it's like a raindrop but when the hand holds it still sticks, "what is this?" his tongue's sticky reflexes licked his tongue, it turned out to be sweet, the sticky thing, "honey!" his mouth exclaimed.

The farmer ran back to his house with a container to store the honey contained in the hole in his hair tree hole. The intention to cut down was no longer there and from that moment the farmer took care of the rambutan tree very diligently.

All the birds that saw the incident were very happy that the farmer did not become the tree to be his residence.


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