Preparations for newsletter!

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Hello Everyone!

So I am doing an experience. It's nothing new, and surely, many have already tried or done that, but meh. Who knows, I might be able to breach through a barrier or two with this system. I will create a website (free, in the first time) that will reference posts in an orderly fashion, so they can easily be found by subject.

To have a post (it can be yours or someone else's post) referenced, upvote this post (even if it's dust I'll pick it). Ask the people of your blog to upvote your comment, I'll pick the 3 highest upvoted posts to feature them on the front page.

This website will give visibility to all posts, new and old, and I'll add functionalities to it as I go. First will be a way to donate for posts older than 7 days, The website will be up in 7 days, and you'll be able to see the index and all on it :)

The website will have a weekly newsletter, to resume the posts which can no longer be voted on, and if some contests are running whose date might expire soon. I hope this will give visibility to posts, and ease the researches for specific posts.

PS: 1 spot out of the 4 at the top of the website will be for my top-currator / upvoter.

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