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So this far what has Ark Tribe done on Fairytale of a Kingdom?

Fairytale of a Kingdom (FoaK) in a nutshell

FoaK will be our prototype game to test how solid a game whose engine is totally based on the blockchain can be, as we develop it, we also resolve some other main problems such as the offline availability, and the viability of our anti-piracy system.

FoaK specificity will be to be a game based on the Mass Economic Ecosystem System. So to say, each player will benefit from the individual parties of each other player. While being a solo game, each action of each player will be reflected in everyone's party.

Take a Sword for example. If player Bob has created a Sword of Chaos, with special characteristics, which is not in the base inventory of the beginner's village, then this sword will become available in the party of all the other players in the world. But only the first player to buy it will have it, as once it's purchased, it's gone from the inventory.

This allows for a more natural distribution of the resources in the game, shops don't look as bland as they were before.

Along with the MEES, the dynamic story system will be implemented. Player will chose between the dynamic story system, or the Classic Story System.

In the dynamic story system (which will require an online connection) chapters of the story will be picked in a pool of chapters amongst those you haven't done yet. This will add a replay value to the game.

Atop of the "Story Mode" there will be an "After Story Mode" which won't become as a novelty for those who have played games like diablo, for example. However, since our base story is an RPG novel (Visual Novel with RPG elements) this system will implement the suite of the story. You will be able to change what's happening after the story, get to know more some characters, and such. This after story will be different depending on the ending you went for in the story.

Since it's so, you will be able to chose between the endings you have unlocked in the Classic or Dynamic Story Mode, and thus the missions you do after this selection will further advance the story starting from the ending (and other missions) you have done previously.

This means that doing the same mission for two different endings will result in this mission's story being different. If Alice picks the ending where Aurora has accepted Miwa as her lifelong partners, and plays a mission where she is with Chiki to do something, Chiki's reactions, and the way the mission will go (how much he'll help, his remarks, your teamwork efficiency etc...) will be different than if she picks the ending where Chiki has been accepted as the lifelong partner.

Also, if you have missed, in the story, the optimal ending, you can still get it by doing mission in the after story. Once you have reached the point where your trust and relation is far enough, you will be displayed the optimal ending, and it will replace the ending you picked up.

Progress report:

The canon story for the Classic Mode is done, and we are gathering the fundings to pay for a final edit, to make sure to get the optimal quality.

The sub-stories for the Dynamic Mode are being drafted, and will be posted here once they become something more coherent.

The arts are still at the concept stage but the main characters are mostly drawn. We need to improve their quality but we are lacking the funds / volunteer for the arts for now. It would have cost around 800€ to get that done.

An alternative has thus been decided on: using [DAZ 3D Studio]( to create the graphics, which has the big advantage of easy animation, allowing us to make small videos too with the same assets as those used for the game. We are almost done buying the stuff needed, we're about 300 € short of assets, which is a much better deal, knowing the stuff will be reusable for the future addons to.

Mechanic-wise, we are done with the concepts, and decided to use Game Maker Studio, which is a very good tool for our type of game. It comes with powerful tools. We are looking into how to implement the different libraries of the cryptomonnaies we are going to use (Ark, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin for now).


For people who asked me through mail about it, you can help Ark Tribe through several ways. First is gift cards on DAZ 3D studio, which will help us get the content that we are in need off.

Ark Tribe has the Platinum Club membership, so we have deals on lots of content, having the gift cards will help considerably in acquiring what we need for the content.

Second is helping by volunteering for some tasks (can be creating DAZ 3D scenes, creating music, etc...) we are always appreciative of such helps, and it's through it that we have managed to come so far, along with the help of the people supporting Ark Tribe in different crypto-communities.

Our main needs right now would be someone who knows C++ to make the libraries we need for crypto-part of the game, as well as the in-game wallet system; someone to manage the website (update it, create content for it) as well as the social medias.

Third is a direct financial help, you can send steems, steem dollars, or ask me for an address in most of the cryptocurencies out there.

There's also help with DAZ 3D: two main way, help us with creating the scenes, such as setting things up, like the shaders, correcting the light, or outright creating the scenes, or if you have a big graphic card (needs to be an NVIDIA one since DAZ 3D use Iray) you can help us do the renders for the game.

Well people, have fun, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas !

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