Feminism, Homosexuality, Ark Tribe's position

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So I have been asked by mail a lot about those two. One has to understand that Ark Tribe isn't just me. We are several people, with lots of different point of view, some on Steemit, some who aren't, so my answer in this post is the median line we have decided to give as our community's baseline.

Of course, some will be even more open, or more conservative, but Ark Tribe as a community has drawn a bottom and top line to these subjects. Ark Tribe tends to be a very open-minded community, and it's something we'll keep even if we become a cooperative.

Homosexuality, and feminism, to us are as normal as anything else. We won't discriminate on these points, they are neither disturbing to us, nor should they be "subjects".

By this we mean that since they are normal, they aren't things we'll discuss specially. This post is an exception to that, in the sense that I was asked our point of view.

As they are normal to us, that also means that we tolerate them the same as we tolerate everything: both are acceptable unless they go over the liberty and freedom of someone else.

In feminism, it's normal to want to equity between men and women. But that becomes other's infringement of liberty when a woman dress in a way that others are uncomfortable with.

It's not just a matter of men. Extremists feminists will say they have the right to dress however they want, but some people, regardless of their gender, are just not fine with near-nacked women or men, and it is something that should be respected.

Same with homosexuality. It's perfectly normal that two people who love each other can marry, adopt a child, and such. As long as the child's mental equilibrium is asserted, there's nothing to be against. However, when they use that to put other ill-at-ease, that's where it should stop.

People who wants equality of rights (women, homosexuals, people of minorities) should also accept that laws giving them their rights is something normal, and should be treated as such. It shouldn't be a celebration to have that right granted, it should be something they expect as due. You celebrate what's out of the ordinary, not what's normal.

Regarding feminism, everyone defines it at their own scale. We regard it as true equity. When a company hires a woman to fill in a quota instead of picking the most suitable candidate that's discrimination against men.

The same, it is totally abnormal to tolerate more from an homosexual couple than you would tolerate from a normal couple. It's as infringing in other's privacy to overly expose yours when it comes from homosexual couple than when it comes from heterosexual couples. That would be the line for Ark Tribe, when you overstep what's comfortable for people.

Of course, we're not speaking of staying within the comfort zone of totally intolerant people who discriminates. We're speaking of respecting everyone equally.

I think that this quote:

"The liberty of one citizen ends where the liberty of another citizen begins," - Alexis de Tocqueville

shows best what Ark Tribe thinks of both subject.

Hetereosexuals shouldn't infringe on the rights of homosexuals, who in return shouldn't infringe on the rights of heterosexuals.

Men rights shouldn't infringe on women's rights, who shouldn't infringe on men's rights.

As for what those rights are, they are all the "human rights" who are the same for both genders.

In regard to this, Ark Tribe says that extremism is more nocive to its cause than it brings good. Women should be dressed decently in public, just like men. When you stroll on nacked, or dressed with barely enough tissue to make a handerkief, regardless of sex, you are infringing on other's rights to decency.

Here, I hope that it will answers what you people were asking yourselves about Ark Tribe's thoughts on these subjects.

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Yes, I even had enough points bonus to make a first upvote claim, and it helped my post have a nice boost! I use Partiko on Nox since there is no windows version. (I have too long posts to write them with a mobile ^^"). It's a bit difficult for the pictures this way, but I manage it ^^. I'd rush on a partiko on windows store ^^.

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