A busy Sunday too...

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Hi all,

It was decided that this week-end, I wouldn't have much of a rest. Ark Tribe is in dire need of graphics (for those who want to know what ark tribe is it's here ) and therefore I've opted to take my 3D skills out of the cupboard, and dust away my collection at DAZ 3D...

But the new "very easy installer" is giving me a headache, three whole day, and I'm about to cry tears of blood to install all of my content. Those "easy installer" or "easy opener" on all the products are just never as easy as the old ways recently, or perhaps it's only me thinking that way...

Anyways, with this, once it's up and runing (I hope by tomorrow it should be the case) I will be able to begin doing some 3D stuff for Ark Tribe, and make more progress on the game prototype. There's also the stories that need some graphics to be posted on Steem.
All in all, I feel like this weekend wasn't really a weekend. What was your own weekend like? Did you all take some good time for yourself? I wish you all to have enjoyed it lots :)

PS: I still have 2 tags left to put, but I don't know which one I should put!

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I would have preferred to be busy with the graffics rather than just the software installation thought but busy is indeed better than bored.

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