Biscuit no longer content with his old favorite ball, after I bought him some new ones.

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Lifestyle creep. Just like humans.

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May be he love balls more than biscuits

i think he want to play with you and not with the ball! Or with you and the ball!

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Maybe the only thing that's bothering Biscuit is that they're tidy up there. He may be waiting for you to get the balls down and then play with him with all his balls :)

I know dogs can be pretty picky with their toys. My gran had a pekingese who had a rubber mouse that he could stand on its head. These days we have a cat and they are not so bothered about toys.

Biscuit has a specific order in which he values his toys. If you take out a higher value toy, he immediately forgets about any of the lower value ones and doesn't want to play with them. I have to put the high value toys away before he will play with the lower value ones.

"Why not just let him play with the high value ones?" I hear you hypothetically ask. Because he loves the high value ones so much that he will happily and quickly chew on them to the point of destruction, and quickly become low value toys. I have to put the high value ones away so that he doesn't destroy them, and they will last till next play session.

I know they can be pretty destructive. Those toys have to be tough. Our last dog was a labrador that chewed through various furniture as well as her toys.

I have some tougher toys but bouncy balls >>> tough toys. Of course they aren't so bouncy any more after a good chewing.

He still looks like he is having fun duo.

Or maybe the old one was at the limit of its life 😂😂😂

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Hahahaha..... He is very anxious for more yummy fun😃

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I guess even our canine pals get distracted by new, shiny objects.

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Wanted to try out the new ones and dump the old ones. Just like steem right now, the new steem compare to the old steem

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