Partiko Still The Best dApp For iOS!!!! According To This Partiko Partner & Mentor 👍

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Testing out the competition for Steem dapps on iOS I decided to play with ESTEEM V2 and no insult intended for their development team but Partiko still blows it outa the water!


The new ESTEEM app looks great but....

I’m all about simple function. After replying to @improv with the app and being faced with things not loading that’s it for me!


Now the app won’t load and any average user would give up at that point! The app did eventually load again but there are other aspects I did not like on top of that, such as:


  • no push notifications, only in app even though it asked for permission for notifications


  • constantly having to enter a security pin when switching between apps


  • clicking the check mark on the notifications screen starts a forever loading process

That’s as far as I got with my testing before I found myself just switching back to Partiko for the sake of speed and simplicity!


  • it works as it should
  • quick and simple
  • doesn’t break after a single comment
  • I get my push notifications

Even with less advanced features I choose @Partiko everyday of the week!

Simple as that, IMO most people when faced with an app that does not work as expected will search for the alternative.

Did you know I am a Partiko Partner & Mentor? If you are new to Partiko and need a little help feel free too hit me up and I will be more than happy to guide you along your rewarding journey 💪

Download The Partiko Mobile App Here

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If you haven’t tried Partiko out yet and your struggling with RC limitations check that post above it will help you greatly 👍 or just check it out anyways and support them in supporting newbies!

I love the Partiko Mobile App for two simple reasons, function and appeal. It works as it should with speed and looks great while adding its own level of gamification to interaction through in-app points collection plus redemptions for perks.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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I love eSteem's desktop front end but I'm with you on the mobile app - it's partiko for the best experience.

I haven’t tried the Esteem front end yet, I hope the Partiko browser page takes a similar route and becomes an installable application also.... looking forward to organic trending 🤞

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@d00k13eSteem Surfer has become my favorite posting app. I just can't make a long post on the mobile app. But I like SteemPeak and Busy as well, I use them at different times, lol. Partiko might as well make a desktop application as well. I even use Actifit's to edit my Actifit post, and vote and comment - I like earning those extra 9 AFIT tokens. Gotta make the most out of everything👍.

True that and I would imagine if that webpage was functional many would migrate there for the organic trending page, goodbye bidbots!

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The eSteem desktop works well, I use it often.

I’m barely ever at the computer 🤦‍♂️

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Ooh esteem changed a lot! But they were always a bit clunky hehe...

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It really does have some excellent features but it’s no where near as smooth to use!

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Yes agree! Esteem was my first dapp to try on my phone hehe.. it did have a lot of advanced features.

I tried out version 1 first also but never could get it to work properly and returned to the browser till I came across Partiko 💪

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One weird thing it could do was send steem to someone else’s account as steem power! Haha

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Yea that’s a neat feature not available most dapps

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The one big problem with Partiko is that it is not open source. eSteem is open source which means anyone can audit the code, and anyone can contribute to improve the code.

To me, closed source Dapps are not Dapps.

I believe the fear there is anyone could also steal the code... just speculation but I always figured Sida has an idea of where he wants Partiko to get to and doesn’t want to battle with anyone changing the code around or starting a clone?

Somethings just seem to work better centralized case in point V2 of Esteem isn’t much better than the previous for iOS.

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Don't do Partiko, thanks for info for future thinking on more apps.

Why don’t you do Partiko?

No worries on the others but be aware they are Canada only solutions 😉

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New version for esteem still new. Need times.

Partiko indeed is great app for growing engagement with the point.

I'm waiting for another update from Partiko, etc exchange coin with better value dll

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I’m not so certain about Partiko SMT currently they seem to be sticking with inapp points exchangeable for upvotes thus avoiding complications of a token sale but I do hope to see a token one day 🤞

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One of these days, I really need to check Partiko out - I think I signed up for it ages ago, then never got a chance to really give it a spin. Also...


It really is worth a look if you do any engagement from mobile 👌

Thanks for the support ❤️

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I have been going back and forth between Partiko and esteem-mobile since the upgrade
Yes Esteem still has some issues but I am excited for it when everything falls into place perhaps because my go to for posts on desktop is esteem-surfer
I can be kinda loyal like that hahaha but of course what works best... and for now it is still Partiko on mobile but I am hoping that esteem mobile will sort itself out soonest

Yea it’s a battle to the finish line it seems, more features vs simplicity but neither are moving at lightning speed 😅

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@partiko is the best dapp! Congrats for being featured🎉 #powerhousecreatives

Posted using Partiko Android

Glad you agree 💪

I thought I had to use the tag for community support? I suppose there is a first for everything 😅

Posted using Partiko iOS

enjoy @partiko
I enjoy #esteem :)

Does seem to be a firm divide between the user base 😉

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I tried Partiko once but it wouldn't allow me to post on it from my phone for some reason so I gave up. I must have missed out on a step. I am keen to post from the phone though, so would like to try again.

Please do give it a try and let me know if you have any complications, I’m certain that they can be figured out 🙌

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I've never owned an iPhone, they seem to have customers over a barrel when something goes wrong. 😠

Posted using Partiko Android

That is very true they do including on the app development end of things!

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If Partiko supports their user with little upvotes like esteem does...I feel there would be much more Partiko audience

Posted using Partiko Android

I believe the points are meant to be the solution to this, increased engagement allows for more votes on posts. I don’t think Esteem offers points exchange?

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The points doesn't guarantee a fixed upvote...that is something that user will encash. The esteem encouragement program really pulling many users to use it...atleast they get boost on their work. Now the new points may be used esteem token which user might use in future too

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I guess time will tell, all I know is the function of the app is what turned me off 😎

Posted using Partiko iOS

Same with Android 😉...

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I work on my desktop and have just posted in esteem for the first time. A bit strange being new, but no problems encountered!

Yea I have heard the desktop app works quite well, thanks for the feedback.

The thing to remember is that all these various “portals” are just that, only a window to view the central Steem Blockchain. Just a matter of which window has the best view for you!

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Well said about the windows my friend.
Totally agreed!

I thought that would be a good analogy 🙌

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Never had anything like this back in my day

Lol I am just old enough to remember computers entering the everyday home 😅

Remembering when we got caller ID for my grandparents and them thinking that was magic, couldn’t imagine explaining Steem to them 😆 almost a blessing they have passed as I don’t think my grandpa would be into the idea of everything on the internet being tracked.... the rants would never end!

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This is good to know. I gave up on eSteem because it was so clunky and for a long time only worked on my laptop. Then I found @partiko and I'm really happy with it. Android, not IOS... Good to read this review and the comments.
Thanks @d00k13

Your quite welcome my dear! Thanks for the feedback 🙏

Good to know you have found and enjoy the use of @Partiko on android over the competition also 💪

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Cool to know that Esteem seems to have a lot of issues. I would not lose my time to test it and stick to Partiko instead!

It may work better on android but the Partiko app also has more updates on android its only the iOS versions I have been able to test 😉

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I brought in a new Steemian, and she has not found any luck using esteem. Her pictures always posted side ways or upside down. It frustrates her and she decided being a Steemian is just not hers :( I suggested Partiko, share2steem and whatnot but her page has not been updated for a bit :(

Yea that is definitely the most frustrating thing about Steem in general not just the apps, too complicated and function leaves us dissatisfied! I think I am nearly at 10 people I have at least had sign up, a few started posting but they have all now long forgotten about the platform and moved back to the simplistic main stream options also 🤦‍♂️

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The esteem not loading issue is a big deal for me, because it makes it harder to interact. Also the push notifications are very important for me.

Have been using Partiko for the last month and spend more time on it than any other Social media app, even Facebook and Twitter.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yea buddy things not working is a game over for me also!

Good to hear Partiko is your goto 💪

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Yes sir. For me Partiko makes steem feel like Facebook 😁

Posted using Partiko Android

I always thought it has almost more of a Twitter feel 😉 getting lost in my feed and all!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Haha.. you can get lost indeed. But I do have a lot more people posting pictures compared to my regular Twitter feed. Saying regular feed, because right now I'm only seeing Seven77 push ups in my Twitter feed 😅

Posted using Partiko Android

I never used Twitter prior to Seven77 so that is all I’m used too there 😅

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Congratulations @d00k13! This post was selected by the Power House Creatives as today's Rally Upvote Post :)

You can find the community announcement on Discord :) and it has also been shared on our FB Page and Twitter feed.


Excellent thank you kindly 🙏

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@partiko has ALWAYS been the BEST STEEM DAPP on iOS or Android by this Partiko Partner!

Onwards and upwards,
Partiko Partner

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Right on Partner 💪

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Yeah I like @partiko, but why won't they do my simple suggestions for the iOS app? The whole double click to vote is too much for me! I refuse to use any app for steem until it is as easy to vote the post as instagram! One click on the pic anywhere, adds a heart, or upvote for us, that is all I request!!! Partiko is the best, just needs some fine touches for the iphone X version! I don't see enough improvements rolling out quick enough for partiko in the areas where it would make all the difference! Here is what I requested months ago, they try tell me they did it, but I never saw anything change! lol maybe I need to delete and re-install??
Maybe in a few years???
I just deleted my partiko app, will give it a try again one day when I find out it has one click, or double Tap voting!

Personally, I'd only want a feature like that to be opt in. I misclick too often. On Instagram it does not matter, because there's no VP to track, but because of rewards, it matters what I vote on. Which, obv, I like, but while I might like a cute cat pic, I'm going to vote on it with just partial power and save some VP for puns I LOOOOVE.

Posted using Partiko Android

I agree, prefer the current system with slider saving previous vote value. One extra click in same location is no big deal and acts as a confirmation window!

Posted using Partiko iOS

PS there is a GIT-Hub for feature requests 😉

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Lol don’t ask me exactly why but I could speculate thinking about how many complications are being faced with crypto related dapps approval for App Store. Priority of features is my point, we are still waiting for private messaging which I believe has thrown up some major red flags.

You are correct, development has slowed significantly for Partiko yet I still find it functions better than the competitors and I despise using the browser on iOS!

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Oh yeah, you were right, my esteem app stopped working on me months ago. That is why I switched to Partiko for my ios! I was being too hard on partiko, I actually plan on downloading partiko soon. I guess I will add my feature request to github. It is just a click button edit, not much!

Good to hear my friend 👌

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Excellent thank for 🙌

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