Grafitti of Bogota, Colombia

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Bogota, Colombia has an insane amount of grafitti, some of it is so beautiful it adds colour and character to the city. Virtually everywhere you look in some areas the walls are covered in paint. Much of it is obviously done on purpose paid for by the shop owners; others are done to send a message or likely for promotional purposes as the artist often includes their contact info.

Not quite sure what this cat represents but it definetely caught my eye and makes a suitable main image for a Crypticat post. Below you can see graffiti of all the cartoon cats. The police here have other concerns asides fron stopping artists from painting the walls.

Because I'm not much of an art critic I'll leave the interpretations up to you.

As you can see, the walls are much better with a paint job. They even paint the sides of highways, I can't imagine standing next to a freeway with a paintbrush for hours on end.

I'll leave you off with my favorite image of a multi-eyed deer. The shaman deer was probably envisioned by someone who chewed on a little too many sacred leaves.

Leaving Bogota now onto the next leg of our journey. You can read about my other Bogota Colombia posts here and here Thanks for dropping by 🐱

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Wow these are stunning, the cat wall is amazing, definetly my favourite!!

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That one definetely took a lot of effort. Too bad it looks like the building is about to go


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I envy you in these moments :(

the local style is all its own! nice stuff thanks for sharing this .Cheers


You're welcome, it was too good to go unposted

Time to bust that ass now boy. Big Daddy's coming for you...


No clue what this has to do with graffiti or Bogota