Another little chili and rocoto update🔥🌶️

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Veggie season 2019 comes to an end. 🍅🌶️🍍🐔

It's raining the whole day🌧️☔ and at these low temperatures chili plants aren't producing new fruits or ripening outside.🍁🍂🍃

So my harvest of 2019 is mostly done now (a few ones left in the greenhouse) and I'm making fermented chili sauces, powder and pickles. The appartment got a fruity and hot smell these days😅🤪🌶️.

The orange rocoto (Marlene SLP) is quite hot. I've read, that people are feeling the rocoto heat different to chilis because of the (dihydro-)capsaicin structure.
If you like chilis, you should definitely try them! 💚🌶️🔥

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