Partiko update: advertising on the Steem chain

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Hey fellow Steemians,

Quick random post, but I think it’s a great step!

Just downloaded the latest Partiko update and I will say I am pleasantly surprised that they incorporated the way I think ads should be run! You opt in to view them.

I think this is a fantastic way to help both Steem as well as Partiko get funding and attention.

With the opt in system, you direct the ads to be when you want them to appear. For us Partiko users we go to our points page where we can track our points progress and ‘check-in’ for the day. There you see the option to view up to 5 ads every 6 hours. It’s new to me so I don’t know if there’s a daily or weekly limit to the number of ads to view.

Your opinion?

What do you think about the latest update? Do you agree with me or are you one of the cohort who think any ads are a bad idea? I strictly think that this manner of ads is the best path forward. It gives lots of opportunity for people who pursue it but those who don’t want to bother don’t have to.

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Hello dear @complxty.

I am not a user of Partiko but I know many people who are. I have been able to notice the exponential growth of the number of users.

From what I see, you are a regular user and have great knowledge of the application.

As for the new features of the ads, I think you should review the opinions of the majority, but according to your description, this sounds very good.
Thanks for sharing with us.

All best, Piotr.