Small Time Operator – Late to the SPUD 5 Party!

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Yes! I did power up on September 1, 2019, otherwise known as #SPUD 5 Day! I had received a nice reward from a post a few days prior, and lately my habit has been to use my rewards to power up.

I really like the recorded data and the transparency of Steemit transactions. At least some folks are watching, so I figure powering up shows my commitment and plans to stay with Steemit.

I saw @streetstyle, @traciyork and a few others spread the word there was going to be a #SPUD 5 contest and incentives for waiting until 9/1/19. So, why not wait a couple of days?

I happened to be up late on August 31, so it was no problem to go ahead and power up after midnight. However, coming back to Steemit later that same day was a problem!

Of course any big programming change (insert hard fork here) is going to be followed by a few uncertainties which require coding changes. That is just how it goes.

I have worked with many programmers over the years, and a test environment is never the same as the real environment. Expecting perfection in a coding launch is just like believing all those crazy economic theories that are perfectly true “in a vacuum.” We don’t live in a vacuum!

I may have been early getting my SPUD ready, but then I was late for the party! Winners for the #SPUD 5 contest and participation incentives were announced yesterday!

images are from Pixabay!

Too bad I missed the party, but I would have powered up anyway!

How about you? Are you committed to Steemit?

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I am fully commited. I didn't miss the party. I didnt few hours before steemit broke down.

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I missed it too (I was being greedy and waiting for a particular payout - serves me right!), but ended up powering up when all came back to normal anyway. We'll catch the next one!

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I've been powering up regularly, and I powered up on 9/1 but I wasn't even thinking about the SPUD thing, lol. I got a message thanking me for powering up, which I'd never gotten before, and wondered WTH?

Yes! I got one of those messages too! I haven't ever received it after a "power up" before, so I think the SPUD folks were truly watching to see who powered up on 9/1/19.

Its better to have SPUD’d late than to never have SPUD’d at all! I joined up and some deeps also donated to my spudding efforts to hit dolphinhood which was pretty cool

Now to keep growing while the prices are in our favour

So true! Awesome for you, and I just powered up again to Minnow 3! Yay! I do feel like some of the big fish are taking interest in those of us that are trying to "bring it" to Steemit. Hope they continue to support you!

I powered up around 100 Steem for SPUD5. I haven't been blogging much over the past two weeks since I've been busy so my Steem earned was really low compared to usual.

Ha ha! For October?

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Better late than never! The main thing was that you did it!

Yes, and plan to keep doing it!

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Yeah, what a wonderful time for the blockchain to break...not! 😂

Speaking of breaking, I need to check my GINAbot settings - I didn't get a notification that you tagged me in this post, and I'm noticing a bunch of other mentions aren't coming through. So that means I'm late to the party of your late party celebration... or something like that. 😊

Congrats on powering up regardless, and I hope you join in again on October 1st for #SPUD6. Fingers crossed all the HardFork wonkiness is long gone by then.

Oh, and I agree - I love the transparency of the blockchain. It's one of the reasons that I'm also committed to this platform.

Hope you're having an amazeballs weekend!

I’m in for SPUD6. Steem on! 😘

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