Big trouble in little Partiko!

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Hello everyone,

Due to my post yesterday, many people have asked me what I think has happened with partiko, so today I am going to try and clear it up and share what I think happened, I may be wrong and this is only my opinion, so don't take it 100% to heart!

My View

Partiko started off with its business model being non-existent. It eventually transitioned to points and allowed people to watch ads in return for points (seems fair, right?).

So what happened?

After a short while, partiko started to receive a bit of grief over their promotions by sticking a footer on everyone's posts. After this, they went on to use their "fame" to bring attention to their new app "BuzzBreak" (Last Updated 9 Oct '19 | 6 Days Ago). Once this reached a significant amount of users and brought in more revenues than Partiko, they dropped Partiko and haven't bothered to revisit it. Not the app, not the witness (still running #oldsteem) and many features of the app seem to be a teetering on the edge. I feel like the money to effort ratio was a lot less in Partiko than BuzzBreak, as partiko would have to mould to the specifications of the new hardfork, whereas BuzzBreak should keep going for a while with minimal maintenance.

So I feel like BuzzBreak overtook us in revenues, and they felt it wasn't worth it anymore, and decided to ditch the project and leave all the servers running on autorestart untill they eventually give in. It's a shame, but at least we can give @esteem a chance maybe? I'm gradually migrating there now. It's nice not to have the footer on your posts tbh.

~ @cadawg

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Greetings @cadawg, I have not had contact yet with partiko, but if pal and esteem, in any case from my point of view, is more functional esteem on pal.

Based on Esteem has mobile app (Android and Ios), pc (both Windows and Linux), Mac,etc. Apart from all this it has adjustable notifications (so that you select what you want and what you don't get), a system of recompense for use (for publishing, voting, commenting, and even simply using the app) offers the opportunity to promote or give a vote to your post from the points you are claiming. And that's just some of the benefits...

Pal on the other hand as far as there is no mobile app and is nothing more than a page so to speak (with no desire to discredit them), just as thisem have a coin that you can just as well work to vote for your post.

It is worth mentioning, that neither pal nor esteem have paid me to speak well or badly of them or their competition, is just my humble opinion as a user of the two platforms.

I hope you get the best outcome, and the most profitable for what you're looking for.

Without further ado, I thank you for having read my comment and as if not wishing you a good day, evening or night.✌️

I'm moving to eSteem Already

It is a pity, I had heard good comments about those apps, although I had not downloaded it yet, since I had a PC version I planned to download and install it later at home.

Leaving it is a sad thing, but I suppose that when studying the cost-benefit they made the decision they considered best for them....

Yup, it's a business world!

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I wish they would come back and work on partiko again I find partiko very easy to use when it's working.

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Happy to see you on eSteem today! Glad to help if you have questions! The search function is great. Use @ if you are looking for a person and # if you are looking for a tag. More search functions are on the way. You can use your ESTM tokens to promote or boost your posts and don't forget about drafts and bookmarks! There are so many great features!

The # and @'s really threw me off search untill I realised. eSteem has a much steeper learning curve than Partiko, and I'd call myself a poweruser LOL

There are so many great features packed into the app! When you are creating a post the first icon at the top of the page a (the square next to the arrow) will save your post into drafts. I have no doubt that you will love using eSteem! Please ask if you have questions!

It sucks they jumped ship because I love the app, and will keep using it until it’s last dying breath.

It would be really noble of the @partiko team to pass the source code onto someone else - so it could keep going. Probably won’t happen, but I will miss it and to be honest it’s the best mobile app to make Steem Blockchain super easy to use.

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Yes it would, that'd be awesome!

Cheers to that !BEER

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Simple reason is buzzbreak got a VC so they moved to that project.
I still think partiko is the best mobile app on the steem blockchain, even they haven't updated the app for months, it still runs beautifully.

Oh really, never knew that! Thanks!

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Hey there, I feel you.
I wrote a similar post 22 days ago called ‘Goodbye Partiko, it’s been fun’..

Some interesting insights in the comments of my old post too, if you have the time

So, it’s better to exchange/convert partiko points to steem, if they’re slowly exiting, right?

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They're long gone. Your choice, but I'd say get them into upvotes while it still works!


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They gave too many points and no one was using them. Some raping it and they just can't afford to make a token and give value to those millions of points. Just my guess. Now, people are selling those points, they will probably be back under another management or something.

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Almost sounds like they are not serious... need to investigate. Would love to see the great team behind their project spread out to other ventures and loose all that know how.

Thanks for your opinion.

I have always faced problems with esteem app. It's super slow compared to Partiko. The promote or other features do not work well. Tried contacting them.on discord with no good help. I do use it but not sure if I can move to it 100%

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