Got my second Daria Dragonscale and unlocked Diamond 2.

in partiko •  17 days ago

Hello Steemians

Hope, all are okay.
and I'm also good.

I've got 12 cards for completing daily quest where I've found my second Daria Dragonscale along with some common and rare cards.

Let's see what i got.


  • Creeping Ooze
  • Naga Fire Wizard (Rare)
  • Pirate Archer (Rare)
  • Exploding Dwarf
  • Highland Archer
  • Prismatic Energy (Rare)
  • Goblin Mech - 2X
  • Vampire
  • Wood Nymph
  • Mushroom Seer (Rare)
  • Daria Dragonscale (Dragon Summoner)

I've also unlocked Diamond 2 today which is my 1st time as my personal best was Diamond 3 before.


So, 50 cards are waiting for me.

I'll have those 50cards after around 12hours and hope I'll find some good cards.

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