Fried friends are typical of extreme restaurants

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Have you ever heard fried from tripe or fill in the goat's stomach?
If you have ever eaten goat curry food, of course you are no stranger ...
Fried mutton or goat's stomach is very tasty and crispy, fried tripe is sold at a price of 10 thousand rupiahs per portion or can also be bought at a price of 5 thousand depending on the wishes of our customers. enjoy the delights of fried tripe, even some of our customers who come to just buy fried tripe are eaten with white rice and curry sauce without mutton.
but behind the delicacy of the tripe, it must go through several processes to be able to enjoy it.
‌ First, you must separate the goat's stomach from its droppings, then wash it thoroughly, after the goat's stomach is clean, then chop or cut the tripe into small pieces.
Elah After the tripe goat or goat's stomach is cut into pieces then rinse with a little salt, don't forget to boil the tripe so that the fishy smell of tripe is gone.
Akhir Finally fried tripe with lots of oil so the tripe doesn't burn and don't forget to flip the fried food so it doesn't stick to the fried pan, wait for 15 minutes until the fried tripe is cooked with a golden yellow color.
As a goat curry worker, this work has become my daily activity.
Work is an activity that I have to do because if I don't work I will only always depend on my parents, so I want to study independently with my current income even though I still have a small salary.

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