A short post for no particular reason (aside than to mention "Partiko 2018")

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So how was your Christmas day? I had a pretty quiet one (I don't celebrate it myself). We walked the dogs and played ball in the sun.

It was the first year we didn't really talk to family on the phone. My wife's mother is dying of heart failiure at the moment (it's her birthday today) and it is pretty hard going for everyone (particularly as she doesn't seem to want any visits). My brother had my mother round for Christmas (she has dementia, and lives in a care home not far from him), and we kept in touch by messenger, but didn't speak to anyone.

We are off to the UK on Friday, so need to start packing in earnest. Just got back from the vets (the dogs have to have a check up and a worming tablet before they travel to UK - they have their own EU passports!).

2018 has been a mixed bag for me. I feel I have achieved a lot with my writing, but other things have definately been put aside for that to happen (felting, renovation work, etc), so I will see in 2019 if I can manage to balance things up more.

Anyways, this is part of the #Partiko-2018 challengey thingy, check it out: https://steemit.com/partiko/@partiko/merry-christmas-what-a-2018-for-partiko-5iztskzg


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it's difficult to have it all made Bruce, I feel the same, had to put some things aside, but it is the time we can stop a bit and redefine our priorities...which can be those that get us the most pleasurable times indeed ^_^ (in fact this should be our only measure 😉)
wish you the best to come my friend !

Wise words my friend! Thank you!

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Well we did not really celebrate it either, just the Christmas tree. The youngest 2 were busy building a candy house. At Christmas Eve a friend sent me a Christmas pic by whatsapp. She is dying and it probably (or should I say hopefully) won't make it into the New Year. The doctors sent her away as she said there is something wrong in her throat. The tumor is growing so fast it is too late for chemo. She is not able to talk and has a hell of a pain, the morphine does not really help.
So you take your dogs with you to the UK? No longer quarantine? Wonder how it will be after the Brexit. Enjoy your trip.

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Oh man, that's rough. I hope your friend finds peace soon.

Animals can travel to UK if they have a chip and have all their vaccinations up to date (including rabies). They went in September, and it was fairly straightforward.

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I hear you on the need of balance. Struggling big time with that and are doing a lot of thinking...


Balance is always a good thing! I need to work on that. Holiday best to you and yours.

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