CHARLIE the African gray parrot

in parrot •  5 months ago

A few days ago Charlie got a new toy and like most parrots it took a few days before he would play with it but as you can see he loves it


Although African grays are very Suspicious off new things it good from time to time to give them something different just to help keep them occupied


My brother who also has a African gray put a cardboard box in with his parrot (billy) and amazingly after a few days we found out billy was not a boy because she laid an egg and this happened a few times although I don’t think this will happen with Charlie as I’m sure he is a male but with African grays it can be difficult to sex them



Just to let know nothing ever happened with the eggs as billy lives alone so obviously the eggs were not fertile




I hope you have enjoyed the pictures. Thanks mike

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Very cool parot. It might be a good time to put Billy and Charlie together to have some babies.😀


You never know it might work, cheers mike


Does Charlie talk? I know that some of the African Grey's can talk a little bit.


Oh yes, but only when he wants to. Cheers mike

This nature's toy is awesome and in my opinion the most unique stuff is where it's living.

Good to know that particularly this creature is really dynamic in nature and it's unique to hear for sure.

And it have really impactful eyes and i really liked the design on the body and Black and White essence is just breathtaking to watch. 🙂

Ohh superb parrot, But if it was green will be good. But black is also good. It's a good time to put Charlie and Billy together to have some babies.