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Hey V,
How are you?
I haven't been here since the last time we spoke about Credits coin.
I want to ask you about WTC.
I got some back in Autumn. Now I hear news about their mainnet launch and I keep them in an exchange. I can't reach good information about the coin swap from ERC20.
I'm quite sure you're in a position to advise on that.
Thanks in advance.
PS: Do you have any coins you can recommend?
I've been following TRX, ICX, COV. I think they could be good buys now.

Hi, Nice to see you after some inactive months.
WTC is a HODL coin. At the current prices you are going to make lots of profits no matter what. It's a company with solid partnerships. Price movements are hard to predict and impossible to consistently time. But I'm sure that new ATH is coming. Binance generally handle these kind of token swaps. they are doing it for EOS. I think they'll do it for WTC.

TRX could go down in the coming week. But it will reach AtH along with MainNet release on May 31st. So wait and see if you can aim for a cheaper price. COV is a great pick with lots of potential. it's a risky move but they payoff can be HUUGE.

Thanks I think TRX will be making a handle and casn be bought at 6 cents.
Many question marks about EOS but have loads of that too. Let's hope for the best.
I got my eyes on the coins that will airdropped on EOS. They should be a ton once we got a working platform.

Please let me know if you know about Binance doing the SWAP for sure.
I am really on the edge as I missed the eosDAC's since I did not have 9000 more gas in MEW :(
Meanwhile I see that you got yourself a 67.
I knew you would be fine.
Lots of profits to you.

I'll make a post if I see any news about that.

Meanwhile I see that you got yourself a 67.

Thanks :-)

Keep an Eye on Monaco, SONM and Elastos.

Fog computing actually was one of my crypto ideas last year.
Elastos is interesting still investigating.

Did you look at ECA?
It is very interesting.

Electra is rock solid when it comes to UX/UI and their future vision is great. They are doing everything right and I'm sure It'd grow ito something much bigger and it deserves all that. But there is one Huge problem.

ECA is late to the party.

If Dash, NEM, PIVX, ZenCash and SmartCash didn't exist I'd expect ECA to be one of the biggest cryptos ever. I think ECA is the crypto equivalent of emerging market investments. It can't be the biggest kid because it's just too late. But it can grow a lot because it's tiny and deserves to be on Binance.

Elastos! Kudos man. You found the coin of the 2018-19-20.