Breaking Down The Anomalies In The Parkland Shooting - Episode 1509c

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Many YouTube channels are being taken down this is what censorship looks like. The entire Parkland shooting has many holes and the deep state is removing channels, censoring to hide their tracks.

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Intro Video Music: YouTube Free Music: Cataclysmic Molten Core by Jingle Punks

Intro Music: YouTube Free Music: Warrior Strife by Jingle Punks

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Thanks again, Dave. Interesting.

Great Dave, you are in DTUBE. The just want the guns and control. All this stuff smells bad. Thank you for your work.

So glad you are here Dave. Was looking for you over at patreon. Didn’t find you. Thank you for posting this here.

thanks for the dtube video, its really very good indeed

Yes, the censorship is increasing. If you search for ZeroHedge, it is gone on GESTAPO google search. I had to find it through DuckDuckGo, which is a private search engine.

real way ,,,

It's sad that kids today continue to suffer because of some nut jobs.

Here to support you and the truth community. Stay strong guys.

Time to delete all of the Major social media accounts and stop using google . We have to hit them where it hurts in their pocket book.

Agreed, thanks for posting here. DTube all the way!

Thanks Dave I’m looking forward to see your videos in this platform great job like always

  ·  last year (edited)

Brother Dave is a true patriot and a GOOD man - I always appreciate his full perspective of the sketchie maneuvers going on right under our noses - and in our face! Go 'good guys' !

more than likely,this is a planned attack by the powers that be to create a scenario of fear to the masses. part of the destabilization process.

Have we ever had video of a school shooting before? (A genuine question, as I don't think we have).

Also, about YouTube. That's literally just YouTube being retarded, videos not related to school shootings are being taken down all the time, so I wouldn't use that as an example in this case. It has to do with YouTube's new algorithm and their attempts to make the platform overly politically correct. The removal of videos and even whole channels is quite common over there, and it's why many content creators like myself moved over or are moving over to Steem/DTube/DLive.

welcome to the party

good to get another of my sub onto this platform maybe it should be 1509 uc lol

This works very well Dave. Rock on!

Nice idea to brand the video as Uncensored on dtube. Nobody will want to watch the youtube censored videos.

Excellent report, as always, Dave, Also your other one on the Deep State pushing forward and expectations of another type of event soo was quite informative. These are very important videos right now and the fact that Trump has stated outright that he thinks guns should be taken away first (with no 2nd amendment right protected) based upon behavior is incredibly worrisome. They are moving forward on all these agenda's and they know that time is short before a complete mass wake up of the citizenry to their horrific crimes.

Not sure if you saw the extensive post I put together on student actors at Parkland, but here is a newer condensed version that may help your viewers understand that aspect of the event.

Reassessment of Students - Hopeful Actors, Reporters, FilmMakers Placed on Camera by Mainstream Media For Antigun Campaign Messages After Parkland Shooting Event

Couldn't tell the difference in quality between you tube and dtube.

People keep asking did Hogg go to that highschool or not. Why hasn't any alternative media interviewed teachers and students.

Has anyone interviewed the students or teachers from the school yet about whether or not Hogg went to the school?

I think d tube might be the format for us - I blog on steemit - glad to find the 'censored' moving here.

The most phony force... SCHOOL SPIRIT

Dave, I like this platform!!! When one scrolls over the like button the list of those who clicked it. Nice!

Yay! So happy there is an alternative source to view your uncensored videos....for now.

Yup i like this

They’re becoming DESPERATE . They know once the economy collapses their credibility will be SHIT , and everyone will start hunting them down . No bunker in the world will be safe for you MONSTERS .

X22Report Thanks for coming over to Dtube!

Is it me, or is the resolution better here?