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We all deal with the government in different ways. Many individuals believe it is the government's responsibility to look after us in various ways, while others believe the government should remain out of our personal lives and let us sink or swim as we like.

Nowhere is this more contentious than when it comes to our children. The government is in charge of our children's education. The government ensures that children in low-income families are fed and clothed. When abusive parents are involved, the government intervenes and removes the child, prioritizing the child's safety over the parents' right to keep their child.


The government, on the other hand, cannot protect your child or teenager as they use the Internet to visit numerous websites and chat rooms. Why? Because the Internet is a global platform. The Internet is beyond the control of any single authority.

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This irritates some parents because they are accustomed to the government doing everything for them and believe it is their right as American citizens to do so.


For many years, many parents used television to babysit their children. At the very least, they knew that pornography and other unsuitable information would not be broadcast on their child's television. Now that babysitting has been delegated to the computer, many parents will not or will not be able to oversee their children's online activities.

According to the NCMEC, one out of every five youngsters is approached online for sex. While I'm not sure how accurate their statistics are, I am aware that child sex predators exist and that there are several opportunities to interact with youngsters via the Internet.

Spammers send sexual content to every email address they can discover, so it's not difficult to picture this content ending up in your child's inbox.
There are persons who would try to persuade you to give up personal information via the Internet via email or websites. It's incredibly easy to land on a website with inappropriate content by accident.

Teenagers and children, on the other hand, are curious, and you never know what they would choose to expose themselves to. However, as a parent, you must be aware. It is your responsibility to keep your child safe online.

It is not the government's responsibility to do so. The owners of various websites are not responsible for this. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is secure online. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

  1. Place the computer in the same common area where you keep your television. This allows you to keep track of what your children or teens are doing online and prevents them from engaging in harmful activity. It also deters predators from approaching your child if they are aware that others are around.

  2. Invest in software that allows you to keep an eye on your child or adolescent when they are using the computer. This software will prevent your child's monitor from displaying improper stuff. It also allows you to see logs of where your child has been on the Internet. It'll keep track of what they say in chat rooms and via email.

It will allow you to establish timers that will take a picture or screen grab at specific intervals, allowing you to see what they were looking at on the internet. You may even set up alerts to tell you when your child views inappropriate content through smartphone or email. On this page,, you can download monitoring software.

  1. You can speak with your children about the dangers of disclosing personal information over the Internet, visiting inappropriate websites, or engaging in a dangerous activity, as well as what to do if they have a problem. Your child will know they can always come to you if they have a problem if you communicate with them.


Please remember that you, as a parent, bear the enormous duty of keeping your child safe online. Don't rely on others to determine what is and isn't appropriate for your child.

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