Today i flew out of my body (FOR REAL)

in #paranormal6 years ago (edited)

Hello everyone, i want to tell you of something paranormal that happend to me tonight, it is called oobe (out of body experience).

Tonight i went to sleep late and tired. It was about 3 AM and at that time i was reading ebook. I knew i have to go to sleep so i put my phone away and i just went to sleep. At the start i was thinking that i am going to have sleep paralisys (i had it about 5 times now and it's pretty scary). When i felt asleep i started to hear screeching sounds in my ears, they were a little bit loud but bearable. Then i started to feel like my body was flying, YEAH FLYING. Then i opened my eyes and i started to see that i'm in the air. Then i could fly around my room and watch my body as i sleep.

That was pretty fun and at the same time scary as hell. I don't know why i went through it, some people say it's pretty normal for a people who don't sleep too much and lately i had some sleepless nights so who knows. Have you had any paranormal experiences too? Then write them down in comments. ;)


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I never had lucid dream, so i can't compare them. :)

ya, thank you for the information :)

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