I caught a couple guys have a little fight on the way to go fly my paraglider

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Is road rage contagious?

Its not often that I get triggered while driving.

About a year ago or so I had a guy try to test me in my beat up old jeep while we were merging on the freeway here in Southern California. ( San Diego) The guy almost touched my jeep with his really nice BMW. I thought it was funny because he was obviously trying to get a rise out of me. The only two problems this guy had was the fact that I don't care and I had the right of way.

We merged and the guy used the emergency lane for about 1000 ft. until he decided to just merge behind me in the gap. I was taking my time. Merge like a zipper right? This guy was trying to screw up the program. Well about 10 minutes into my commute home, the guy comes out of the abyss of cars behind me and cuts me off and break checks me down to about 20 mph from 65 mph.

My first instinct was to grab my water bottle and throw it at his car, but I put the water bottle down and we drove together in the fast lane at 25 for about 1 mile. I knew that trying to go around him would result in him cutting in front of me, so I just casually drove down the 163 at 25mph. I think that made the guy and his friend even more mad.

Never the less, this video is about some other guys road rage and some flying shenanigans.

Have a great day!

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