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      Congratulations to the Sassy @Snook for hitting some major milestones this month! 😘 She single-handedly brought down an underground armadillo racing ring, created a new taco flavor (with secret sauce) and I hear that she is about to launch her new line of Sweet Snickerful Snazzy Schnocles!

      Or something like that...

      Actually, she's been busting some bootie and NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP! Love to you hon for achieving a 60 rep, being yourself and having over 1000 followers wanting to get their daily dose of Snook, and for coming so far with her show Pants are Optional!

      So, in simply Snook fashion, she wanted to hold a contest (and get some laughs) to thank everyone for their support. Below are my answers to the five questions for Snook's Pants are Optional Contest. (I'll try my best NOT to be subtle. 😉)

1. Would you let me slap you for a hundred dollars and why?

      Sure. I've been slapped before and haven't been paid. (I think it's against the law where I live to request money for that...) Fair warning though, depending where (and with what) you slap me with, the price changes.

Other locations and pricing available upon request.

2. What time do you normally go to bed and why?

      To be honest, this should be changed to "What time do you normally collapse on the couch?" I can't remember the last time I slept on a bed, minus my inflatable one I use when camping. There isn't a specific time. Some nights, I pass out cuddling my daughter. Others, I come home from my cleaning job and jump onto my couch like it's a life raft from a sinking ship. My newest cat, Cassie, loves to burrow under the covers after nibbling on my chin or nose until she feels satisfied. Most mornings, I wake up surrounded by fur. My black lab is curled up by my knees, Nala (my tortie kitty) is on my stomach, Laya (my polydactyl orange menace kitty) is by my head and Cassie is still under the blanket.

Me, alone on the couch only for this photo.

3. Favorite day of the week and why?

      That's a toss up. On Saturdays, there are less obligations to deal with and I have more time, generally, to play with my girls or go to my local farmers market. On Mondays, and lately a few others but always Mondays, I get to spend time with the cats in my CNYSNAP/Petsmart shelter. (Again, MORE fur!!)

Mr. T..jpg
This was taken a while back and Mr. T. here has since been adopted. Yay!!

4. What board game do you hate the most and why?

      Sorry. That game can kiss my bushy tail. I can't win. My youngest daughter, however, trounces me ALL THE DAMN TIME! And when she giggles at my expression and says, "Sorry!" It makes me want to add extra chores to her list... She simply loves to defeat her mother. But the best part? She offers to let me win the next round with 3 pieces! Isn't that so sweet?

Who's sorry now, you stupid game?

5. If you had the world's attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

      Life is short...so lick everything! LOL! Seriously, in 100 years, we'll all be dead. When you can, share a meal with someone who you love to talk with. Laugh at yourself when you do something wrong, weird or crazy. If a person tells you that you hurt or upset them, believe them. Try not to think of how you didn't (you're not them so you can't make that call). Listen to why and try to understand their point of view. We all will make mistakes and the beauty of truly caring is being able to acknowledge that you see things differently, that you each respect each other, and that in the end, neither of you wanted the other one to hurt.

(All images are my own.)
(Purple squirrel separator by @Omra-sky. Thank you!)

Squirrel World GIF by @Omra-sky. Thank you!

Carl GIF by @Snook! - Personalized by @Omra-sky

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I'm happy to see you still have the time to post something, sometimes 🤗

Answer #5 is the best, I totally agree!


Grazie, Marco! 🤗 How have these last few months been treating you?

Yes, a lot of it is time but deep down, to be honest, it's more my mental attitude, isn't it? Sorry to have been pretty much offline for so long. I'll be joining you soon for a few bananafishie contests (looks like I'll be trying my hand at some haiku in the future...😉).

Aw- your house full of fur sounds a bit like heaven to me. I did have to laugh when you were talking about sleeping with an inflatable though :)

Try not to think of how you didn't (you're not them so you can't make that call). Listen to why and try to understand their point of view.

There's this week's life lesson. We're so busy trying to prove we weren't in the wrong... we forget that other peoples' points of view are valid.

Fab answers- and very nice to meet you :)
E x


Nice to meet you too @eveningart! I love where your mind went at the mention of inflatable! 😂 I like you already! (Though, because I am easily distracted, it did send me off down an internet wormhole search of 'inflatables'! When you have a minute, check some out, they'll crack you up!) 😁

Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! That's always been my favorite part of Steemit, and where the most fun is to be had in my opinion!


Oh my! HAHAHAHA! I NEED that inflatable to put behind the CEO's desk. Sure, it might result in a disciplinary, but it would be sooooo worth it!!!

Thanks for the laugh. And, yes, it is important to understand others point of view. However, sometimes our thoughts and feelings betray us and make us say and do things we really don't want to. That is why communication is so important. Especially if you're a person who tends to over-think things.


I'm so happy that you had a laugh! 😀 🤗
I agree about the importance of communication. And I can't think of anyone who hasn't said or done something that they didn't want to. Speaking for myself, I know that I'm often over-thinking and worrying. After a conflict, I want to give a person space and not be a bother but also don't want them to think that I don't want to talk or be there for them.

poor "sorry" game!!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

You crack me up!!

thanks for entering!!


The look on my youngest daughter's face (😲) when I was setting up the photo was too funny! I'm really glad that you got a laugh out of this! 💜 Congratulations as well for all of the fantastic responses and entries that you've had for your contest hon!

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