I just met my first Asshole Panamanian ! - Had to be 1 in the crowd besides me LOL - Panama Rocks !

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  • I decided to go to town to get some supplies to fix the car, Spark plugs and booster cables. Plus I was out of Booze.

First stop, As soon as I pulled the plug out he makes a I don't have that sounds, But while he's looking I see some booster cables hanging on the wall.
I pull down the cheap looking set and ask how much, He said $15 so I asked about the better-looking set still on the wall...$12 he says. I swap them out and say sold! Walk over to the cashier and hand her a $20.
She looks at him and asks how much, $12 and it gets rung in.
It's raining and I open my umbrella and start to leave. " Senior they say " And point to the cables still on the counter. Ah, Gracias I say and put them in my bag. Adios!

  • It's raining hard but I start walking toward the other end of town to the only other auto parts store.

Eyeing up my favorite pool hall on the way by thinking... maybe just a quick 1 :-)... But keep walking ( I'm on a mission ).
Must only be about 3 pm and the last bus is around 5.
Only the bottom of my pants are wet when I get there, And the same story from this guy. ( Fick ) Sorry, but I ask the guy if he has a book to look for plugs and conversion charts " No " he reply's.
But he brings a plug that is pretty close. It could work but I'm not risking it. I can always send Johana to Chitre or Santiago to get the proper ones ( she loves going shopping, plus is out of my hair for hours LOL ).

  • I walk back to the pool hall to wait out the next bus, or the next hehe.

Here is my favorite pool hall

  • I grab a Large Atlas amongst lots of hand shaking and how's it goings. Most people around here know me and it's customary to shake or at least touch hands ( Worthy of a blog in itself ).

I find a couple of people I know, and I'm offered the next game if I put a Dollar up. Sure no problem. And the bartender puts a new beer in my hand? I decline and ask him to take it back. Bought by a Friend, and I tell him to at least ask before buying me a beer. The Big beers are near a liter, I already have a full one and they get warm fast.
I'm kicking the guy in the red shirts ass, but he turns it up a notch and takes me right at the end. I'm offered the next game but decline as its time for a smoke.
It's illegal to smoke in any public place in Panama, But no one gives a shite usually and smokes right at the tables or like me in the back hallway. But today the wind is blowing inward so I go out front. Followed by 1 friend who smokes more than me but never buys LOL.

  • I suggest that he buy a pack, and he says " I just bought you a Big Beer ". I can't drink Big Beers 2 fisted dude. So on the way back in he buys me another.

I'm waiting for my next turn and decide a few pictures for my blog are in order. So take the ones I'm posting now.
A few minutes later I walk to the front of the bar and take a picture looking in. And on the way back Buddy says " No taking pictures in here " I point to him in the first photo :-)
So I walk over to hear his tale, and he repeats it several times as I check out the crowd to see their expressions. I'm not getting any feedback, either way, So I open the screen and find the offending picture and erase it.
He seems content and turns away.
I ignored it, as my Spanish is not world class, But thought he said if I didn't he would do it for me! I used to be quick to fight in my younger years, But have chilled a ton since then. He probably had 100 pounds on me and a bit taller so fair game for sure :-)

  • Panamanians are usually very polite people, And I only remember 1 fist fight that lasted no time. In all the years and all the bars, I've drunk in. ( Many on both counts ).

I think it's because most Panamanians in the interior carry razor-sharp machetes everywhere, And if you're going to pick a fight, It better be for good reason LOL.

here is the second picyure I took

  • I have a ton of funny and interesting pool stories from Panama and sevral other country's worthy of blogging about.

Stay tuned for more, Maybe even ask about it or share yours with me?

  • Now back to the rum I bought, typing slows me down LOL

See you all soon if your following.
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Not the best response, But a response none the less.
I'm going to follow you to see if you have more than 1-word responses.
You can do it !

Cheers, Don't let me down :-)

You can say a lot in one word. It is all about how you say it.
Often times, people ignore what other people say. Too often, I feel like people don't care what I have to say. I like pool too. My dad drinks a lot. I love having fun. I try to be nice to people sometimes.

OK Great, that is a response I like. And gives me something to respond back too :-)
I can write all night to my Daughter and she responds " cool or Ok "
Drives me nuts LOL
I rarely try any more because of it.

LOL Looking forward to hearing more about your pool hall adventures :)

It's like the rest of my stories, too many to tell & not enough time to get them to Markdown. But I'm getting a little faster, with far less mistakes :-)

Razor sharp machetes? There is one reason why I am almost always armed.

Thanks and definitely share all you can about Panama. The more I learn in advance the better!

You should drop by and shoot the shit sometime, It was you that wanted fresh milk no? Done Deal every Morning about 6 am. I can talk all day but can only blog for brief periods.
I have a spare room if you care to stay and drink with me :-)
I drink Abuelo rum or Atlas beer if you want to get me talking LOL

Excellent post my friend, visit my profile and read mine.

OK now following, But just about to do 1 more post about pool.
Thanks for the reply.