Rabbit Run!

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This year is an abundance of rabbits! I have a whole family hanging around and feeding off the lush grasses of my lawn. We really have no predators to speak of in the area and other people in my area report the bunny explosion around Northwestern Pennsylvania.

I get out of my car and there inevitably is one or two casually feeding. Several are young and this year's brood. We have a fat bunny, too. Perhaps it is Mom or Dad. I call them my bunnies and always greet them, trying not to startle them overmuch.

When the temperature spiked to Florida style heat one rabbit even lay on the driveway relaxing in the sun.

And just like that, me and my fiancé, Jeff, are off and running to the annual family reunion. We are taking a quick run to drop off a gift at my niece's baby shower then return to the family reunion.

This year I introduce Jeff to my Mom's family.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

photos captured on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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