Upvote Shares Level 17 Curation Dividend Payouts & Progression

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Upvote Shares is a project from @costanza that aims to provide Daily Upvotes based on a fair model that is proving to be sustainable and scalable over time. More insights on the Model Mechanics can be found here. In Recent changes, curation reward Dividends were introduced that will be paid out each time the next level is about to open up

These posts will replace the old monthly Progression reports. Curation rewards are paid out to all shareholders that have 11+ Shares while using a multiplier the more shares someone owns.

All payouts should have been sent. As always, feel free to let me know if I made a mistake somehow...

Upvotes continue to be spread around between all active shareholders

-Level 12Level 15Level 16Level 17
Account SP3059 STEEM3878 STEEM4180 STEEM4514 STEEM
Total Shares650800850900
Saved STEEM111.528 STEEM189.047 STEEM209.180 STEEM221.330 STEEM
PAL (x2)593 PAL604 PAL665 PAL704 PAL
LEO (x5)598 LEO500 LEO500 LEO500 LEO

Level 18 Reservations

AccountReserved Shares
@costanza5 Shares
@glastar2 Shares
@meesterboom2 Shares
@jlordc2 Shares
@abh123452 Shares
@braaiboy2 Shares
@byebyehamburgers1 Share
@fullcoverbetting1 Share
@bashadow1 Share
Manual Reservations-
@thedarkhorse2 Shares
@pifc1 Share
@ervin-lemark1 Share
Total22 Reserved Shares

I'm not 100% sure if I got all the regular and auto-reservations right (It can get confusing). So please confirm if you should be on the list or not (@barbara-erenya | @ervin-lemark | @sportsfrei | @mango-juice | @romsekie ). 28 Shares are still available for the next level and there is no limitation anymore on how many can be taken by 1 person. The program will buy up the shares that don't go out increasing the returns for all existing shareholders in the proces.

Wednesday 02/10/2019 Level 18 Available
Monday 07/10/2019 Level 18 Sold Out
Friday 11/10/2019 Level 18 Complete

Lazy Actifit Posts will soon no longer be supported by the program with Upvotes (Read Here). It takes less than 1 minute to transform them into something that is acceptable and I will send out notices first before starting to put upvotes on pause first. The idea is that both the Post name and Cover image should different from the standardised Actifit program

As always, all tokens received from upvotes on this post will be powered up and increase the returns for all Shareholders. Feel free to post remarks, suggestion, questions in the comments below. Thanks everyone for the support and enjoy the daily upvotes!


Thank you @upvoteshares / @costanza for this latest update. As well as for the follow-through on sending out this round's curation reward dividends - a very nice additional ROI ...

I sure like this program. I hope you soon have a waiting list! 👍 Leading to an "auction to the highest bidder" some day! Okay, just daydreaming a bit here ... 😉

That was nice, and even though I knew you mentioned it in previous post, it was a nice surprise to see that come into my steemworld feed. Very happy with the reward, thank you. !BEER, a sip, I am remembering a bit more on passing out the sips.

How much are the dates for the next level? I would happily at another 8 to my 2 to make 10 to buy this time if that's alright?

Sorry for the late reply, life gets busy :)
I got you 10 reservations and just made the post with all the info in it.


Hi @costanza. I would like to reserve 5 shares for round 17. Thank you for this project. Kind regards sportfrei

done, post opening up level 18 is just online.

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