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RE: Save some of your SBD in the wallet...

in #palnet2 years ago (edited)

If I think that STEEM will dip lower then it is better to keep my SBD now and buy STEEM later on, because, in theory, SBD is more stable (somehow more pegged to 1 Dollar) easy peasy... this is the "basics" of trading...going SHORT.
Thanks for commenting.


hmmm, so I'm not that good at this stuff lol. So what would be a good steem target price and would you convert on the internal market or blocktrades?
The price seems pretty low right now.

internal market, always

ok thanks. You're a good egg @toofasteddie Now I have to learn when to convert steem to sbd. Is there a rinse and repeat method for this? That would make a pretty valuable @steem.leo post for sure. I'm sitting on 1200 liquid that I figure I would diversify because I'm 100% in steem. But maybe it is better served powering or something.