My Day 1in the Nigerian optometry student association National conference

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It all started on a cloudy Wednesday morning, I thought it was going to rain so I packed my stuff and waited a little while before I got to the rendezvous point which happens to be optometry department futo chapter. image
Our bus departed late as around 2pm due to the change of venue from summer suite hotel Owerri to Cradle hotel Owerri, we were informed that federal university of technology Owerri and IMO state university Owerri where to lodge at Cradle hotel while University of Benin, Abia state University Uturu, university of Ilorin, Madonna University and Bayero University Kano where to lodge at summer suit hotel.
We got to cradle hotel owerri at about 4pm, although it was a short journey but it was stressful.
We arrived at Cradle Hotel Owerri and it was far from the pictures we saw online but nevertheless there was nothing we could do about it because it was manageable to say the least.
Luckily for us all the weather was ideal for us to hold the bonfire/ suya night. We weren't allowed to burn fire though because the hotel didn't permit us and for the suya party, there was a man at the gate of the hotel with roasted cow meat which was obviously for sale unlike what the national President made us to expect.
The party that night was amazing as there was a rap battle as well as dance competition of which abia state university came out first position in both event.
My first night of arrival in the conference was a wonderful one because of the new friends I made from other school and the activity that night was more than I expected

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