The Moon on a Clear Beautiful Day

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Hello everyone! I have returned to Steem a few days ago!

Today I wanted to share a picture of the moon that I took two weeks ago

Only an amateur telescope was needed and a cell phone to take this picture

These shots were taken in Vancouver, British Columbia

The weather was clear so there was no problem

20190806_221145 1.jpg

I had almost a year of not publishing, but I have returned and I hope to bring you more content ... thanks to all who have supported me!


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wow man that logo looks fresh, photo stream did a great job here making a sure fire business plan, of course a simple PHOTO steem tribe would work, memes should be next, dmania was just one of many possibiulities

we need 4chan steem tribe and we need all major subreddits having a tribe

steem tribes could be free and make community pay for extra features... @aggroed just has to finish his plan, and monetize all tribes with Adsense when they are created..

aggroed could make it so if you have 100 members with 10 SP each you can like delegate to keep your tribe up and ads would be on theer to make steem engine money and help pay for your token as well etc OR make it comp[letely free or make it have asmall paywall but have ads on EVERY new steem engine tribe you make, why not? subreddits have ads

reddit gets ads, we should have em,. maaaan were so close

so many ways to do this

Hello @ticopurelife

Thanks a lot for coming to my publication and showing me your support.

I hope to see one more publication from you and share with you all my support.

I always try to help people from Venezuela. Find me in my Discord as edgarare1#5171 and keep in touch with me.

A lot of hugs..!!

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hey there...thanks for sharing your good intentions. I hope to see you in Discord

Welcome back :)

thank you...nice to see many are glad of my return

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Aqui mi visita amiga,para saludarla y desear que pase un lindo domingo,cuidese hasta pronto

Hola...gracias la pase bien

I saw you left it upvote for one of my posts. Thanks :-) I was going to vote your last post as well but I see it's over a week ago so it will not count for anything. Still I'm going to follow your posts and look for your next one. Keep posting!!

thank you...yeah i havent post in awhile and thanks for the support

Muy linda toma fotografica amiga,saludos

Gracias...siempre bien atenta

Amiga,como esta? Dias sin publicar,espero lo haga pronto,aqui yo viviendo esta dura situacion,cada dia menos puedo comprar nada,no se hasta donde llegare con este mal gobierno,es una locura,estoy al borde amiga todos guapeando,saludos

Hola saludos...bueno no he tenido tiempo pa publicar pero si estoy en modo curation. Pue si la cosa esta arecha. Guaido mucho hable politico...tipico. A pedirle a Dios

Hola,como estas,te perdistes de nuevo? Jajaja,saludos amiga que estes bien!

Why dontyou post more please?

please post more! there's lots of tribe tokens you can earn! Just because steem screwed up their distribution doesn't mean other coins have to :D

Hola,como estas,te perdistes de nuevo? Jajaja,saludos amiga que estes bien!

@ticopurelife, saludos amiga excelente fotografía tiene una excelente vista, aprovecho la oportunidad para saludarla deseando que se encuentre bien y la invito visitar mi blog. Hasta luego dios la colme de bendiciones

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