I Just Had Another Birthday Tonight and Was Reminded of It a Couple of Hours Ago, Yeah !!

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3 years Ago I Signed Up for This Thing Called Steemit Because of This guy Right Here in this Post.......@dollarvigilante

In His First Post Jeff Berwick Made Almost $16,000.00 and I Said "Hell I Can do That", LMAO.........

What I did not Realize was that Steemit was a New Platform in it's infancy and That Jeff Berwick already Had a World Wide Audience and I was Just Some Guy out in The Middle of Desert with NO AUDIENCE What so Ever........

Sure I had a YouTube Channel with about 700 Subs but I was Still a NOBODY.........

Well Tonight I am Somebody and I Got my 3 Candles, Are You Going to Stick Around and Get 3 Candles Too ??

So There it is My 3 Year Old Steemit Birthday Badge and I am Proud even Though I have Still Never had a $16,000.00 Post Yet.........
Screenshot_2019-08-05  mattclarke.png

I Know It Does not Mean Much but Hell I am a Dolphin On This Platform, Chin Up Folks We Are the Winners !!

If you enjoy content such as this then please feel free to UP Vote........

Follow me here on Steemit & Palnet @stokjockey

Also Support all of the Silver & Gold Stackers as well as #steemsilvergold !!!

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Happy Steem-versary @stokjockey!

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Thank You Kerris and I just gained 10 pounds looking at all of that Sugar.......@kerrislravenhill

Happy 3 year steemaversary sweetie! 💟
I had no idea you were here for this long wow! You survived thru all of the platform's ups and downs!! lol
Congrats xox

@ladybug146 Thank You, Yes I have been here from almost the Beginning................

Congratulations on your 3rd year anniversary on steemit, @stokjockey! We are likewise so proud of you. I know you love this platform, and enjoy steemmonsters very much! Happy 3rd! The three candles... well deserved! And your rep shows just how much you have accomplished here.

It is Sweet Ms. Saver and She Loves to Remind me about my accomplishments on Steemit and She knows I appreciate Her and Her Friendship.....I know She is patient with Me and my many Flaws. That is what makes this such a Great Friendship.....

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Jeff Berwick gets $16,000 and I get 10 Cents... Go Figure... lol...
August 5, 2019... 21.5 Hollywood Time...

We will get the last laugh

I sure know I will... Very few people seem to take me seriously... I still wish them well...

Congrats!! Appreciate your content brother.

Back at You @silveringots

Happy anniversary! I am backing off some time. The impact of the theft of my laptop, Phone and other stuff did impact me some way or another. I have way to much info (on coins etc) on the web and laptop. Once the game nextcolony is over I will come back . But upvotes I do give still !

I am Grateful for you stopping by to comment. Thank You @goldrooster

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Happy Birthday! You old sack of dirt!

Thank you. Yes I know

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