Gym Progress 9/19/19; Yoga 9/17

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Down to 216 lbs...lowest I've been in over a year. I think the keto is really starting to work, and the intermittent fasting isn't hurting.

Today's note of gym going interest...

If you are a dude, DO NOT WEAR YOGA PANTS! Gross, dude!

Image Source - 4chan /fit

Today (Weight -216)(Session length 1:15 hr:min)

  • Warmup
    Stationary bike 5 min
    Starting/Ending Heart Rate 103/135
    Suggested 80% Max @ 136 heartbeats/min

  • Overhead Press
    Set 1 : 55x10
    Set 2 : 55x (12)
    Set 3 : 60x (6)
    (X) represents a set where I had to stop and take a break to finish; ((X)) would mean I needed two breaks.
    People were using MY squat racks when I went to start, so a bit out of order ;>

  • Squats
    Set 1 : 135x10
    Set 2 : 135x7
    Set 3 : 135x6
    I wasn't happy with the form, and I was feeling it in my back, so I'll just retry my set next week...

  • Smith Machine Calf Raise
    Set 1 : 90x10
    Set 2 : 90x10
    Set 3 : 90x13

  • Machine Assisted Pullups
    Set 1 : 125x8
    Set 2 : 125x (10)
    Set 3 : 125x (7)
    I had to take a 5 minute break here, I was really sucking wind

  • Seated Triceps Dips
    Set 1 : 140x8
    Set 2 : 140x10
    Set 3 : 140x12

  • Knee Hip Raise On Parallel Bars
    Set 1 : 0x18
    Set 2 : 0x(20)
    Set 3 : 0x((22))

Notes on today

  • I'm not impressed with my output today. This may be the downside of fasting
  • Senza and Jefit have really helped me in tracking health improvement, see Additional Gym Comments - New Apps for more info on these apps.

9/17 Yoga

Sadly, I was right, my instructor was not hitting on me; just a friendly woman that enjoys teaching yoga and is happy to have new people stick it out.

I missed a week of this (this was third time) and it showed in class. Not that I mind rolling around like a fat walrus in front of everybody else LOL.

Even so, I do feel like I am improving my flexibility and balance. I was able to do the ...wait...gonna look this up...tree pose for more than ten seconds at a time, and some of the other movements were easier to get into last time.

I don't know which kind of yoga we are doing (hell, didn't know there were different kinds); I'll ask next class.

And it's time to start looking up martial arts classes near by...I'm ready to start incorporating these into my routine.

It has been suggested that I start with boxing for the footwork , what do y'all think?

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Wow looking good there, your arms have bulked up quite a bit.

its coz I'm wearing my yoga pants when i took the pic ;>

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