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I've been playing Candy Crush since it was launched in 2012, seems kinda unbelievable that I've been playing for over seven years now! I have stopped playing previously and tried other games, but they just didn't feel the same so I keep on coming back.

Currently I'm at level 4199 and have been on it for a day already. The allowable moves at this level is only 25, so its a bit tricky and I've lost many lives already. Sometimes I move up multiple levels a day and sometimes I get stuck on the same level for a while. The longest that I was stuck on the same level was for a week some years ago. I can't remember what level that was, just that I was getting a bit frustrated. Luckily, everything suddenly just came together one day, and I made it. I think that's the beauty of playing Candy Crush.

I don't think I'm addicted to playing Candy Crush at all, as for me it's just a way of relaxing and not having to use any brain cells. I don't pay to buy any moves or lives, so I'm restricted to my 5 lives for each game then I just stop and do other stuff before I go and play another game when I have spare time.

Right, time to get back to my game now .....

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