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This is the second day of my new sad, unexpected and unexplainable depressive "attack".

If You follow me for a while You are already used to it and You know there is no need for worries.

But in days like this even something as simple as leaving the bed when I wake up it is a win.

Because all I want to do is to stay in bed, under the covers with the lights off and be in and out of sleep.

So we already have 1 battle won today. I'm out of bed. Out of the house. And I'm writting this post. That might be shitty but personally since I know myself when I am going through this stages it is a huge victory.

So You hang in there and do whatever it takes to get out of the deep if You are in it.

Don't know for how long I will be like this... the fun of it is that it can be weeks or in five minutes some switch on my brain my turn on or off (who knows) and I'll be feeling again like I can take over the world.

Now... since You already saw my coffee view of me let me introduce You to the one and only, My Coffee.


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Good for you for getting out of bed. That is an important step. I am mostly a happy person but even I go through this occasionally. Sometimes for me, it's a stress trigger and other times, I don't know why. It could be a spiritual purging (my Shadow work) for me. It is different for everyone. Just be gentle with yourself & know you are supported. Love u. 🙏🙌💞✨

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Hope you're feeling better, asap, my friend. ✌💛