Is The World Run By Pedophiles- Part VIII... Madeleine McCann & The Podestas

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After taking one last look at little Madeleine's face I decided to have another go at finding some probative evidence- something to link her disappearance to high-level people in the United States. For some reason that I can't explain within a day of having posting something some collaborating evidence pops up. What really bothered me about this case is that there was actually less evidence than when I left it in early 2017 (not counting the spate of new suspects obviously pulled out of thin air or a European pedophile list).

There was little more than cover-up garbage on the print sites so I turned to YouTube and found something to bridge the  gap in the evidence that disappeared from three years ago... a 39 minute video that brings up some very interesting points... points that the police would be looking at if they were serious about solving the abduction:

First there's the parents. There's something not right about them- in every interview they seem wooden, clinical as if they didn't even know their own daughter... never a sign of remorse or grief. And then there's the way they treated her in the videos they made. The way they made her up reminded me of Jon Benet Ramsay... she was more like an accessory than a little girl.

The second point is the parents' behavior the night she went missing: What parent would go out to dinner, in a foreign country yet, and leave their children home (possibly drugged) and unattended. This stinks to high hell of them being a part of the crime. This village Paia da Luz is also not a popular vacation spot, except it seems for pedophiles.

Third, there is Robert Murat: In addition to Clement Freud there was another well known pedophile in residence in the village- Robert Murat. Forensic evidence (hair and body fluids) belonging to Madeleine were found at his estate, but miraculously he's been excluded from the investigation.

Fourth, is the Podestas: By now everybody has seen the photographs of the composite drawings, for some reason the one of John has much better resolution, almost like a photograph while Tony's is vague. But this is where things begin to heat up. Using our probability chart; what is the probability that John and Tony Podesta are in the same tiny village in Portugal visiting Clement Freud (a pedophile who isn't home) at the exact same time as Madeleine is abducted and they aren't involved? Are they the abductors? Someone wants us to think so. But they may have just been the beneficiaries of the kidnapping- if there was one. The key is a man named Kevin Halligen and the answer may lie in two e-fits (see video for explanation) commissioned in 2008 but not released until 2013.

Kevin Halligen was the owner of Oakley International, a private investigation firm in Washington DC whose offices were in the same building as Patton Boggs, one of Washington's most powerful law firms and lobbying groups. Halligen, a fraudulent SAS, MI-5, and GCHQ agent offered the services of his company to the McCanns saying that he could locate Madeleine for $500,000.

 The two e-fits were commissioned in 2008 (but not released until 2013) by a fraudulent Irish, ex-MI5/GCHQ detective KEVIN HALLIGEN (his antics worthy of a separate thread alone), whose company, Oakley International was hired by the McCann's to look into the case of missing Madeline. His associate, another ex-M15 spy, Henri Exton, produced the actual e-fits: 

 Oakley International was based out of 2550 M Street, NW, Washington, DC. This address is also the office of Patton Boggs, Washington's most politically-connected law firm and lobbyist organization. When Kevin Halligen first moved to DC in 2005, he hired Patton Boggs to help set up his new business. would be accurate to say through his close connection with Patton Boggs, Kevin Halligen was more than familiar with The Podesta Group

There's where things get dicey. Why did Halligen commission the e-fits (which are investigations in themselves) back in 2008? I think even more interesting, is whose behalf did he commission them on behalf of? I believe Halligen's ties to British SIS may be more legitimate than people think.  Why did Kevin Halligen commission the e-fits in 2008? Why did a random Irish eye witness, Martin Smith, (remember; Kevin Halligen is also Irish) come out of nowhere to 'suddenly remember' months after the disappearance, that he saw a couple of mystery men near the McCann's apartment, that, as per the e-fits, looked to be 'Podesta like'. He also stated that the men kept their heads down, so how could Smith have generated a carbon copy visual of the Podesta Brothers? Why did Martin Smith then, just as quickly withdraw his testimony? That being the case, why were the Podesta-like e-fits still used in the BBC Crimewatch TV 'Maddie Special', televised in October, 2013? In 2013, Patton Boggs “…underwent layoffs and partner exits in 2013 amid a 12% drop in revenue, and entered merger talks with Squire Sanders.” 

It was too convenient... the likenesses were too good, the picture of John (the political operative) was almost photographic quality like it had been made from... well, a photograph. The natural question in cases of this sort is of course, qui bono?  What dirt do Kevin Halligen and Patton Boggs have on the Podesta Group and/or the whereabouts of the Podesta brothers in May, 2007? Why did Kevin Halligen, hired by the McCann's to investigate their daughter's disappearance, produce e-fits closely resembling (beyond reasonable doubt) his client's (Patton Boggs) biggest rivals? Who persuaded - and why - Gerry and Kate McCann to put their faith in (and pay $500k to) a random Washington DC-based 'detective' (Kevin Halligen) who mysteriously reached out to them telling them he could find their daughter? Was Halligen actually bribing Gerry and Kate over something?  Why, in March 2004, was Kevin Halligen handed a rare US Department of Defense Security Pass?  AND last but not least WHY was Gerry McCann pictured laughing and joking his way around Washington DC, home of Podesta and PizzaGate, in JULY 2007 (less than three months after Maddie disappeared), lobbying statesmen on child trafficking, kissing Laura Bush's dog, and generally enjoying the limelight? 

These are all good questions... questions it's unlikely we'll ever get answers to- the powers that be have made certain of that. 12 million pounds were spent on this sham investigation and after 12 years there have been no new leads (or followed up old ones). No serious new suspects other than "Gypsy George," the pedophile from Central Casting and the German child murderer (who apparently only kills boys). It looks like they spent 12 million pounds on a cover-up- in which case they got their money's worth. One thing is for certain... at some level the Podesta's are involved. 



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So many conspiracies here. So you're saying it could be a frame-up job to pin it on the Podestas?

Not necessarily... MI-5 (or more likely MI-6) may have the hard evidence and be using it to blackmail Podesta. British Secret Services (SIS) is run by the Rothschilds- have been from the start and that includes CIA. One thing the elites love is insurance... these are people that will pat you on the back and say "atta boy" while pissing in your pants pocket. Remember Lynn de Rothschild's "friendship" with Hillary?